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Monday, February 7, 2022

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #TheLeopardatdesArtistes #IlGattopardoGroup A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, The Leopard at des Artistes Winter 2022

Happiness is dinner at The Leopard at des Artistes!
Of course their entire wine selection is beautifully appointed and cannot be beat particularly in the realm of Italian wine.
Once upon a time there was a girl named Peachy Deegan who lived in Manhattan.  She had simple taste: she only liked the best so when The Leopard at des Artistes opened in 2011 she visited three weeks into its inaugural opening:
Since The Leopard earned its spots here it has had stellar repeat performances evidencing it is the antithesis of a one-hit-wonder and was last featured in March of 2021:
They even get the water right putting lemons in front of Peachy vertically quartered which is EXACTLY how she likes them.
Led by Originators and Managing Partners Paula and Gianfranco Sorrentino (above with Peachy) and Chef Partner Vito Gnazzo, The Leopard at des Artistes has welcomed Executive Chef Jordan Frosolone in recent years and we were pleased to meet and work with him also a second time.  Here is Jordan with Peachy and Gianfranco.
Newest menu item: Amazing Buckwheat Pasta with Duckleg Confit
After The Leopard in 2011 we also reviewed their first restaurant baby, Il Gattopardo, and when Mozzarella et Vino opens again in 2022 you know who will be knocking down the door quite nicely with her pinkie out.
If you have yet to befriend the Sformato di Tartufo Nero, we have one question for you.  What are you waiting for?  The heavenly delicate texture alone will win you over however the stunning combination of black truffles and parmigiano Reggiano and arugula will announce as an antipasti your dinner celebration has commenced.  
Every aspect of this venue sets the standard in beauty and elegance and its innate versatility to celebrate any and every occasion is evident.
Sometimes people ask us how we have done 26,000 posts.  Perhaps they consider we believe in the maxim: you are what you eat.  And Peachy is absolutely an octopus.
All grilled octopus is not created equally.  Some is just superior: namely this one.  Polpo alla Griglia is the ultimate in tenderness grilled to perfection; the octopus luxuriates in smoked chickpea, lampascioni (white onion from Puglia), ginger and parsley to ignite your appetite and conclude the sybaritic level of both choices and physical execution of this menu section.
You can almost hear it say, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful."
Of course not.  Eat it!
A bright delight and a testament to the supreme succulence of Jumbo Crab Meat, one of Peachy's favorite foods personally, Gnocci di Patate is a bastion of excellence boasting fragrant uber-fresh crabmeat highlighted by the perfect amount of lemon and scallions.  We all need summer sunshine more than ever in the dead of winter and this is just that.  
The best anything nevermind only restaurants continually reinvents excellence to stay on top of their game and wow you more and more: to that end, please meet the absolute latest and greatest so new it wasn't even printed on our copy of the menu: Buckwheat pasta with cabbage, fontina cheese, and exquisite duck leg confit.  This rarified combination is their newest genius at The Leopard and entirely deserving of your order and complete attention.
Add a little parmesean by Gabriela and it is perfection.
If you are at all new to reading us, you should know we never edit pictures.  In fact if an owner asks us to we don't publish on them at all because we publish on the truth always.  These scallops are exactly how they look in person: you excel like Gianfranco and team to earn a review!  The honest answer to scallop excellence right now in Manhattan is Capesante from the Secondi section of the menu.  Seared scallops sourced from Maine, squash puree, pancetta vinaigrette and sage are a seafood enchantment not to be missed.  The scallops are exactly they way you want them to be seared: not underdone, not overdone, just scallop perfection reports Goldilocks Peachy.  Do not share with any of the three bears.  Make them order their own!
Who cares if blue skies are not shining on you? It's February.  And in any month these shine at The Leopard:
For our entree that is more on the carnivorous rather than pescetarian side, we opted for the Pollo Arrosto.  Roasted half-chicken, poached organic egg, polenta and black truffles were a Beanpot goal in the stomach of Peachy Deegan.  Everyone that is anyone knows that in Boston tonight and next Monday it's the BEANPOT TOURNAMENT and may the best school win.  Everyone wins when you eat dinner at The Leopard.  The moistness of the chicken is among the best you can have in Manhattan and the two pieces are just the ticket for a dinner that hits the spot.
#HistoryofWhomYouKnow #13YearAnniversary January 25, 2022 Now a Teenager, Whom You Know Turns 13 Years Old!  We celebrated here with dessert.

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