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Thursday, February 24, 2022

#ReadThis #AceIt! by #BernieWeiss @BenBellaBooks

The title screams excellence.
We review a lot of books that entertain, but this book is both entertaining and highly functional.  If you think you're not in sales you are misinformed; nearly every occupation has a sales component to it and even if you are retired, life lessons from a sales expert like Bernie Weiss can paint new color in your life.  Our diverse panel of age, geography and sex all agree that this is a universally-improving book.

Written during the pandemic and weighing in at under 300 pages, Ace It is a how-to guide of sales success.  Clearly written and in a systematic manner, Ace It is written at a level simple enough for those starting out but complex enough to develop or refine your personal sales plan, no matter where you fall on the skillset spectrum.

Especially if you personally have been subject to Peachy's ten million questions in general (but specific to you when you interact with her), you'll have a high appreciation for the process and emphasis that is placed on asking the correct questions.  It might have been Peachy's favorite part.  Innovative thinking, new shots and new angles all justify the evolutionary sales process that we find unique to this book.  OF COURSE build relationships first and the sales will follow.  Haven't you read our first 26,000 posts?  Henry Ford and Michael Jordan among others are quoted which add color to the process.  

We like Weiss's commitment to proper word choice and like his commentary on the word just, and we also agree with him.  We would add the word very to this list.  However on page 85 he does commit a grammatical mistake: it should be "thirty characters or fewer."

Of course we loved that Weiss is from New York and resides here: this makes him that much more relatable to our local readers.  If you are a shopping enthusiast like Peachy Deegan,  you will enjoy all the stories like the piano shopping.  

Ace It is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Title: Ace It!
Subtitle: How Sales Champions Win New Business
Author: Bernie Weiss
Publisher: Matt Holt Books, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc.
Distributed by Penguin Random House Publisher Services
 ISBN: 9781953295538
eBook ISBN: 9781953295873
Format: Hardcover Page Count: 304

Are you spinning your wheels with a ton of sales activity, but have few results to show for it? Consistently missing new business budgets? Or simply want to go further as a salesperson and take your sales game to the next level?

Learn from sales champions how they win new business.

Learn how they Ace It!

With the continuing consequences of COVID-19 straining even the most established client relationships, generating new business rev- enue is more important than ever. Unfortunately, many salespeople are ill-equipped to make the vital transition from a more reactive account

management style to a mindset that puts acquiring new customers at the center of their sales success.

In Ace It!, iHeart Media New York president Bernie Weiss provides a practical and accessible ten-step approach to selling that covers the whole sales journey, from finding prospects all the way to the start of new, and hopefully long-term, client relationships.

Whether you’re a sales novice who has recently switched careers, a recent college graduate just starting a sales job, a sales veterans in need a boost to jumpstart a plateaued career, or a sales manager looking for an accessible sales guide to help train new hires to produce significant new revenue quickly, Weiss’ handbook gives you the tools you need to sell more and sell better.

Filled with proven, real-world techniques and scripts easily applied to any real-world sales situation, Ace It! shows you how to become a new business sales champion who consistently beats budget even in today’s challenging and fast-changing marketplace.

BERNIE WEISS is President of iHeartMedia New York. Starting out selling radio advertising for a New York-based Hip Hop station, he rose quickly through the sales ranks of iHeartMedia, America’s #1 audio company. He became the top new business producer and was promoted to Local Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, Senior Vice President of Sales, and is now overseeing some of the most prestigious radio brands in the world. Over the course of twenty years,

Bernie coached hundreds of salespeople—rookies and veterans—many of whom went on to become sales superstars and rose to leadership positions themselves. He lives in New York City.

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