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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

#HistoryofWhomYouKnow @PaulMcCartney #NewYorkNotes #WhomYouKnow Celebrates Our 27,000th Post with Sir Paul McCartney Paul McCartney, 'McCartney I II III' Box Set Earns Our Highest Recommendation

Paul's three iconic solo albums (McCartney, McCartney II, and McCartney III) available together for the first time as a limited-edition box set – August 5th, 2022

There's no maybe about it. 
We are most definitely amazed.

And what do you do to celebrate your 80th birthday with a career like McCartney?  You come out with a new album!
Written, performed, and produced entirely by Paul McCartney, his three eponymous career-spanning solo albums (1970's McCartney, 1980's McCartney II, and 2020's McCartney III) will now be packaged together and available in one special boxset for the first time.
McCartney I II III box set will be available in three different formats – Limited Edition Color Vinyl, Black Vinyl Edition, and CD – each including three special photo prints with notes from Paul about each album.

The newly created boxset cover art and typography for the slipcase are by Ed Ruscha. To pre-order McCartney I II III, please click HERE.

Bookending 50 years of unparalleled work, each album demonstrates Paul McCartney's restless creativity and adventurous artistic spirit. McCartney, the Number One Album was Paul's first solo album released in 1970 and features timeless tracks "Every Night" and "Junk," along with the immortal classic "Maybe I'm Amazed." This album saw a global music superstar pioneer a novel homespun approach to recording that would, in time, become a sought-after sound and the highly influential precursor to the "lo-fi" alternative genre.

Just as McCartney marked the end of an era with Paul's first release after leaving the biggest band in history, Paul did it again in 1980, this time signaling the end of 70s rock giants Wings. Taking a fresh approach to things, Paul wrote, performed, and produced the avant-garde masterpiece McCartney II, which reached Number One in the UK, and Number 3 in the US, producing such classics as "Coming Up," "Waterfalls," and "Temporary Secretary."

With McCartney III, Paul went back to basics again to create some of his most revealing work to date. Released in December 2020, just two years after Paul's Billboard-topping Egypt Station album, "Rockdown," saw Paul turn unexpected time on his hands into an opportunity to get into the studio on his own. An intimate and loose record featuring "Find My Way" and the now live favorite "Women and Wives," McCartney III features Paul's melodic gift at its forefront throughout. Upon release, McCartney III charted at Number One on the UK's Official Album Charts and Number One on Billboard's Top Album Sales Chart.

In an unrivaled career, Paul has always been willing to take risks and have fun along the way – his musical projects have included classical albums, electronic albums, ballet scores, writing for video games, and left-field collaborations — along the way, breaking chart records, box office records, winning countless awards and remaining one of the world's most influential and revered artists of all time. McCartney, McCartney II, and McCartney III captured and documented landmark moments of his singular career, each offering a personal snapshot of a unique artist at a particular moment in time.

Whether he's 64, 80 or 180 Sir Paul McCartney Always Earns Our Highest Recommendation and 'McCartney I II III' Box Set is Absolutely a Must Have!


1) Slipcase cover art and typography by Ed Ruscha (all formats)Limited Edition Colour Vinyl
Three-disc 180g audiophile vinyl set (McCartney - clear, McCartney II -white, and McCartney III - creamy white vinyl)
Three x 8 x 10" photo prints with introductions from Paul

2) Limited Edition Black Vinyl Edition180g audiophile vinyl set
Three x 8 x 10" photo prints with introductions from Paul

3) CD Limited Edition three-disc set
Three photo prints with introductions from Paul
Peachy Deegan was not alive when Paul McCartney became a superstar, but others we know were!  They do agree on the best song among the three works: Maybe I'm Amazed.  It's common knowledge that Paul McCartney has always been a superstar and the evolution of his career and legendary longevity are obviously in a class by itself.  For all serious music collectors this is a must for your listening pleasure.  Other impressive songs are "On the Way", "One of these Days", and "Seize the Day".   An excellent selection of songs, this showcases his talents throughout the decades with quality sound.  
This collection begins with Lovely Linda: a cheerful, sunshiny upbeat signature McCartney and follows with something quite catchy: That Would Be Something, which has brilliant percussion.  Some instrumental tunes punctuate this 3-part series which are super soothing for the honking horns and summer heat in Manhattan: especially Hot as Sun.  Oo You has a great beat and is historically super underrated.  Momma Miss America is another great instrumental with intelligent composition and is also a great workout song.  The acoustic nature is laudable and the sequence of chords is fascinating.

Another snappy sensation is Coming Up and we love the electronic rhythm in Temporary Secretary not to mention the clever lyrics with electro-pop.  Waterfalls is touching and its melancholy nature balances out the other upbeat songs because alas life is not all sunshine and rainbows.  No one uses the synthesizer sequencer more intelligently.

The third cd is a charm of course and Lavatory Lil is beyond hilarious and sadly there are many we've found in NYC that we have not told you about, as you know we only publish positive experiences.  Deep Down Feeling, Kiss of Venus and Slidin (surfing above) all evidence that this is icing on the cake of a blockbuster legendary career.

We are beyond honored that McCartney is humble enough to still want reviews and publicity and will be his temporary marketing secretary anytime.

And a thank you to John Eells who taught Peachy a class on the Beatles way back when.

And by the way, this is the second review of 2022 that Sir Paul McCartney has earned.
The first:
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