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Friday, November 18, 2022

#NHLPeachy @NHL AND KEMB Productions Re-Release Podcast, Slim And None By Our Friends Karen Baldwin and Mover and Shaker Howard Baldwin Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know @GaroNazarianDDS #cosmopolitandental #loveyoursmile

Our friends Karen and Howard Baldwin at The Academy Awards
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A Story For the Ages Follows Maverick Businessman Howard Baldwin Through the Thick and Thin of Hockey and Hollywood Prominence

The National Hockey League and KEMB Productions announce a distribution partnership for Season One of the podcast series, Slim and None. In a story of perseverance, persistence and personal fulfillment, the 13-epiosde series details the adventures of businessman Mover and Shaker Howard Baldwin and his wild ride from the ticket office of the Philadelphia Flyers to the executive office of the World Hockey Association (WHA) and beyond.

Adapted from the book SLIM AND NONE featuring the same title which was Highly Recommended by Whom You Know (read the review here), the podcast is exclusively scripted for hockey’s history buffs, with Baldwin telling his story from a first-person perspective. “Slim to None” was a Boston sportswriter’s assessment of the 28-year-old’s chances of success when Baldwin was first awarded the New England Whalers franchise in the 1970’s.

The story recounts Howard’s improbable journey from an entry-level position in the ticket office of the Philadelphia Flyers, to the rebellious, upstart hockey league in the 1970’s, to winning the World Hockey Association championship, and becoming president of the WHA. Baldwin also describes his foray into Hollywood before making his return to hockey’s main stage as owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, where he won a Stanley Cup with the likes of Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and Ron Francis.

This week, writer Dave Stubbs spoke with Baldwin, who shared some stories about his unusual hockey journey, the friends he met along the way and what fans can expect to hear in Season One of the podcast. Read the story, here.

Slim And None (Season One)

Episode 1 – From The Ground UpIn the debut episode, former WHA and NHL team owner Howard Baldwin describes his journey at various summer jobs, the stint with the Marines, the brief college hockey career, the even briefer amateur baseball career, and his experiences with the ECHL Devils and Philadelphia Flyers.

Episode 2 – End of Apprenticeship Baldwin crammed in all four years of his hockey undergraduate into one season with the Devils, then earned his MBA with the Flyers, but by June 1970, his gut was telling him it was time to move on.

Episode 3 - Fate Steps InBaldwin and John Cobourn had the daunting task of convincing the owners of the WHA that they had what it takes to create a team, and with the clock ticking, fate suddenly stepped in.

Episode 4 – "Winging It"After returning home from the WHA League meetings and with the odds stacked against them, Baldwin and company had so much to accomplish in the weeks until the next league meetings.

Episode 5 - Game OnIn November 1971, Howard and the team got the green light on their franchise, but with only ten months until the puck dropped on opening night, they had their work cut out for them.

Episode 6 - Finding a Rink... The Hard Way With Baldwin exploring a number of venues including the Providence Civic Center, the Whalers had suddenly gone from having people wonder whether they could pull it off, to finding a home.

Episode 7 - The WHA Starts to Take ShapeIn this episode, Baldwin discusses what it took to build the Hartford Whalers and some of the biggest personalities in the WHA in its early days.

Episode 8 – The First WHA DraftBaldwin reminisces about the first WHA draft and how they built the New England Whalers, with guest Ron Ryan, who was the Clubs assistant coach and GM.

Episode 9 – The WHA Begins to Solidify Teams and OwnershipWHA founder and first president Gary Davidson, joins Baldwin to talk about a series of franchise moves and ownership changes prior to the League dropping the puck on its inaugural season.

Episode 10 – The Whalers Assemble a Roster While a lot of WHA franchises looked to make a big splash right off the bat, the Whalers took a different approach by compiling a mixture of young NHL talent and top college players.

Episode 11 – The WHA Rocks The Hockey World…And Signs Bobby HullIn this episode, Baldwin shares a conversation with the legendary Bobby Hull, who signed with the WHA’s Winnipeg Jets in 1972.

Episode 12 - Life Behind the ScenesOther than signing players and coaches, Baldwin explores all the other behind-the-scenes activities that took place leading up to the WHA’s season opening.

Episode 13 – Court Battles Responsible for litigation, one of the founders of the WHA Don Regan, joins Baldwin in this episode to talk about some of the important court battles the WHA was involved in that eventually allowed the league to pursue players from the NHL.

NHL Studios Podcast lineup also included popular shows like NHL Fantasy On Ice™, NHL Draft Class™, NHL @TheRink™ and The Chirp with Daren Millard. Fans can download individual episodes of the series at NHL Podcasts is an NHL Studio Production. NHL Podcasts are available on Castbox, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iheartradio, iTunes, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio.

KEMB Productions is a film, television and entertainment company operating out of Los Angeles that has done a number of sports genre projects as well as mainstream projects. The owners of the company are Karen and Howard Baldwin. They are most well-known for the films RAY and SAHARA and in the hockey genre the films MYSTERY ALASKA and SUDDEN DEATH.

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