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Monday, December 19, 2022

Peachy Picks #BigoiVenezia They Enter #PeachysPicks Fall 2022 by #ExecutiveChef #SebastianMarzaro

Bestseller Bolognese Classica, Bigoi Perfection!
It's not who you know and it never has been.
It's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Venetian Native Sebastian Marzaro, Founder, Owner and Executive Chef of Bigoi Venezia, which we are thrilled to say has earned the elevated status of Peachy's Picks.
Previously on Whom You Know, it was first featured in 2017:
and again in 2018:
And its Chandelier was even featured:
Sebastian Marzaro has a professional background in the Italian luxury fashion industry, so many of our readers may already know him. He came to the United States three decades ago, and on August 7, 2017 he opened Bigoi Venezia. What on earth is that you ask? Incredibly, we met a pasta we didn't know before we met Sebastian. Bigoi is pronounced Bee-go-eee and its history dates back to the 1600s in Venice, Sebastian told us. This pasta is specifically intrinsic to the Venice region, and at Bigoi Venezia, they have their own Bigolaro: a pasta machine that makes Bigoi, and that is defined as being between three and three and a half millimeters thick. The diameter places it inbetween spaghetti (2.5 mm) and bucatini (3.5 mm). It is delicious, and it is constantly evolving as a brand.
Everything here is a testament to authenticity straight to Sebatian's own upbringing in the Venetian Alps, where this pasta originated.  
Every pasta dish at Bigoi Venezia is made fresh and is far superior to any other takeout of its ilk, not that it has any competitors at its level.  The traditional Venetian pasta and sauces are freshly crafted every day and when they say Sani e Italiani it is no joke: it is healthy Italian.  Also it is in the best part of town which undoubtedly is the Upper East Side!  
On the main menu you will discover eight tantalizing choices, at least one of which is certain to strike your fancy.  We suggest you order multiple choices because baby, it is cold outside and you never know when you're going to get hungry.  First please meet the Ai Funghi: Mushrooms, Cream and Fresh Parsley.  Its intrinsic decadence absolutely hits the spot on a cold day like today and when we say fresh we mean it: we saw Sebastian freshly cut the parsley right before it jumped in this party.
Peachy always is prepared and she knows what she wants to eat.
Sometimes she is open to suggestions and on the additional dishes menu, Sebastian suggested the Grana e Pepe, above and with even more cheese, below.  As you know, Peachy is a Cheese Monster akin to the Cookie Monster and Cookies. (See Cheese Connoisseur by the late great Jim Prevor)
Pictures speak louder than words.
As you know, we never edit pictures.
You excel like Sebastian, or we do not publish.
The Grana e Pape boasts intoxicatingly delicious cream, black pepper and Grana Padano Cheese which amalgamate to form an incredible, rich flavor that will wow you.  This was in our top two favorites of this visit and we loved everything we tried.  We imagine if you could eat the Venetian Alps, it would taste like this....but if you just go to 2nd and 74th you can save yourself the plane ticket.
It should be fairly obvious to you that we love pizza after writing about it for 14 years.  In fact the first food feature ever was Mimi's Pizza in January 2009 by Steve Vanacore, son of Mimi.  We still cannot find pizza we like as much as Mimi's on the Upper East Side and Peachy has been crying her eyes out for years (of course she travels to other parts of town for pizza excellence.)  To that end we want you to know you can eat Bigoi here and pretend that it is pizza: Pizzaiola ai Funghi is Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Olives and Oregano that team up to bring you pizza cheer in a pasta dish.
Repeat what we said about Sebastian chopping fresh parsley in front of our eyes.  Next in the batting order is Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino: Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Pepper and Fresh Parsley.  You'll revel in the simplicity and lightness and naturally as we love garlic we found this dish absolutely amazing.  If you are so inclined, this is a option here that we think you can pair with proteins (fish, meat) if you already have them and want to add a wow factor.
The sensational scent of Filetti di Prosciutto al Chardonnay will tell you Santa is coming: to your stomach!!!
Bigoi Glamour Shots!
This dish is a Sebastian suggestion and again he is spot-on.  It's found under the additional dishes menu and the spectacular melody of Julienne of Ham and Onions, Tomatoes and Chardonnay is entirely celebratory and absolutely divine for the Christmas season.  Remember, every dish here is made fresh from scratch and you can tell in every bite.  If you are ordering pasta from the pizza place on the corner it is time to improve your life and switch to Sebastian.  He uses premium ingredients across the board and though we did not have In Salsa Antica this visit, we have had it before and you should know the Anchovies are sourced from Portugal.
So Prince George, you are old enough to read.  We think you haven't been to America yet but your parents have and next trip they should bring this back for you as we understand Bolognese Classica is pretty similar to your favorite food.  Actions speak louder than words and this is the first item to magically disappear from this review to live happily ever after in Peachy's stomach.  Ground Beef, Pork and Tomatoes are in perfect ratio and envelop the Bigoi perfectly.
And bien sur mes amis it is even better with cheese.  It looks like snow on the Alps!
We bet Lilly Pulitzer is eating this next dish up in heaven: check out the pink and green.
Visually, this might be our favorite and it is missing nothing in taste.  The Piselli e Prosciutto is a delicate wonder of luxury: peas, ham and cream in tandem elevate the Bigoi perfection to superior splendor on a cold fall day.  The petite diced pieces are just right and dot the dish decadently.
Finally, the Ragu di Manzo is a signature family dish of course: the name tells you!  Ground Beef, Tomatoes, Onions and Celery spell out classic perfection in an edible sense on this plate.
Peachy Picks Bigoi Venezia.
Bigoi Venezia is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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