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Monday, February 13, 2023

#ReadThis Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur's Handbook: Everything You Need to Launch and Grow Your New Business by Harvard Business Review

This post is dedicated to all the Entrepreneurs we have lauded, particularly the Manhattan Entrepreneurs who have overcome the covid restrictions 


It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and central to our philosophy since inception is the celebration of entrepreneurs. We find the best, and we look for tools to make them even better. Be advised, this is one!

The clarity, the vision, and the essential nuts and bolts of having a successful business are intelligently addressed in The Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur's Handbook. We highly recommend it.  Some of it should be elementary, my dear Watson, however, everyone can have a review session for the fundamentals of owning your own business. If you are thinking of starting a business, this is absolutely essential reading.

Obviously, this is not a novel and though we suggest you read it all, it is meant as a reference.  Tag the parts that you feel are most relevant to your circumstance so you can refer to it!  It's comprehensive without being overwhelming, weighing in at around 300 pages.  Even if you have a great idea, starting a business is not for everyone.  Right off the bat, this handbook addresses whether you are the kind of person who would find success as an entrepreneur.  

This work shows you how to literally organize and do a business plan, and how to finance the business, which is most important.  Though this was published in 2018 and is five years old, many of the lessons contained are timeless, and perhaps in the future Harvard may even update this.  For more excellence from this brand, check out our recent post on their book on Artificial Intelligence.

The one primer you need to develop your entrepreneurial skills. Whether you're imagining your new business to be the next big thing in Silicon Valley, a pivotal B2B provider, or an anchor in your local community, the "HBR Entrepreneur's Handbook" is your essential resource for getting your company off the ground. Starting an independent new business is rife with both opportunity and risk. And as an entrepreneur, you're the one in charge: your actions can make or break your business. You need to know the tried-and-true fundamentals--from writing a business plan to getting your first loan. You also need to know the latest thinking on how to create an irresistible pitch deck, mitigate risk through experimentation, and develop unique opportunities through business model innovation. The "HBR Entrepreneur's Handbook" addresses these challenges and more with practical advice and wisdom from Harvard Business Review's archive. Keep this comprehensive guide with you throughout your startup's life--and increase your business's odds for success. In the "HBR Entrepreneur's Handbook" you'll find: Step-by-step guidance through the entrepreneurial process; Concise explanations of the latest research and thinking on entrepreneurship from "Harvard Business Review" contributors such as Marc Andreessen and Reid Hoffman; Time-honed best practices; Stories of real companies, from Airbnb to eBay. You'll learn: Which skills and characteristics make for the best entrepreneurs; How to gauge potential opportunities; The basics of business models and competitive strategy; How to test your assumptions--before you build a whole business; How to select the right legal structure for your company; How to navigate funding options, from venture capital and angel investors to accelerators and crowdfunding; How to develop sales and marketing programs for your venture; What entrepreneurial leaders must do to build culture and set direction as the business keeps growing.

HBR Handbooks provide ambitious professionals with the frameworks, advice, and tools they need to excel in their careers. With step-by-step guidance, time-honed best practices, real-life stories, and concise explanations of research published in Harvard Business Review, each comprehensive volume helps you to stand out from the pack--whatever your role.

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