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Thursday, March 16, 2023


Food & Travel Magazine is pleased to announce that, as of March 13th, 2023, it is now under the ownership of Thommy Kane, operating as Kane Publications, Inc. Kane has been an integral part of Food & Travel for the past two years, having joined at the end of 2020 as the Senior Vice President of Sales. In 2022 he became the Chief Executive Officer. Kane holds an associate degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Southern Maine Community College, but the majority of his experience comes from twenty years in the music industry as a performer and songwriter, as well as fifteen years of experience in digital marketing.

Fall 2023 Issue

When asked about the acquisition, Kane says: "I have enjoyed the change, to be honest. The transition from the music and film side of the entertainment industry to the food-and-travel niche was a lovely one. I am a huge fan of the culinary arts and an avid travel enthusiast. My decision to purchase the publication was a no-brainer. During my time here, I've built strong relationships with clients, which I have developed into long-lasting business relationships. Working with conventions and visitors' bureaus all over the United States, I look forward to reinforcing Food & Travel's outstanding reputation and expanding our client base nationally, and internationally, while aiming to increase our community involvement by partnering with some of the most reputable non-profits."

When asked about buying a print magazine during a time when technology has rendered print obsolete, Kane says, "I know quite a few people think print magazines are no longer viable, but I believe they're wrong. It is my view that people like to have things in their homes that showcase their identity and interests. Magazines don't have pop-up ads that tell you you're dying of liver failure five seconds into an article. The digital side is very important, but the desire to own a physical magazine isn't going anywhere."

Food & Travel Magazine dates back to 2010, sprouting from the mind of Sam Wattam, the magazine's founder, who passed away in 2021. Since its inception, Food & Travel has been a leader at driving tourism to regions all over the United States and Canada.

About Food & Travel Magazine

Food & Travel Magazine is one of the most popular brands in the food-and-travel segment. It encompasses all the elements required to craft the perfect vacation. Alluring destinations are featured in concert with highlights on tantalizing cuisine, cultural experiences, and local life, vividly depicted through stunning photography. Food & Travel aims to notify their readers of all the information required for well-planned adventure expeditions, family getaways, indulgent weekend getaways, cruises and luxury resorts. Food & Travel works with big-city conventions and visitors bureaus to small-town chambers of commerce, helping them promote their lovely locations to the avid travel enthusiast.

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