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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 and #Best #Spanish #Restaurant in #Manhattan, El Pote Espanol #ElPote #ElPoteEspanol @elPoteEspanol Since 1977 by New Owners Nicolas Ahuatl and Juan Costa Summer 2023 #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

Owner Nicolas Ahuatl is dedicated to showcasing the best of Spain and Galicia as a region in particular to New York carried on the storied tradition started in 1977 by Enrique and Jose!!!
You need the paella in your life:
And if you love seafood like we do, opt for the Mariscada:
Say yes please to the OCTOPUS:
Earlier this month, we talked about Estrella Galacia, and we are delighted with both the white sangria and these two spectacular Spanish beers to go with your El Pote culinary endeavors.
In our history, we have seen a lot of places come and go and it is clear as day that El Pote is here to stay.  On our Best of 2023 list, they are 7th in all of Manhattan for longevity.  We have been singing their praises continuously since 2012.   Also, if you like something a bit stronger, Nicholas has got the Spanish Gin covered:
Sourced from North Portugal, near Galicia, the Puipo Estilo Feria (Octopus in Olive Oil and Paprika) is an absolute firework of flavor to pep up your summer appetite!  Note if for some reason this is your first post of our over 28,000, you should know we never edit pictures.  You kill it like Nicolas and his stellar team at El Pote, or we do not publish.  The zesty, spectacular perfectly grilled 8-legged delicious animal is the way to start with a bang!
If you really know Peachy, you know she hates change for the most part...unless it is an improvement.  The menu at El Pote was unchanged for many years but one important edition we absolutely love is the grilled chicken mango avocado salad, which we even trust them to dress.  How often do you read that?!?!  It is great any time of year but particularly amazing in the summertime.
And you will not find better Gaspacho (cold Spanish soup) anywhere in North America than at El Pote.  It's smooth, refreshing and the peppers, onion and tomato are in perfect proportion.
If you are a vegetarian, at El Pote you are treated like a first-class diner with the new edition to the menu five years ago (and considering it is a place 46 years old - that makes it new still!): Paella Vegetariana.
This is of course Paella with Vegetables!
It includes:
Red Peppers
Green Peppers
Calling all Bunny Rabbits!!!
Peachy dreams of the Pollo Al Ajillo: Chicken in Garlic Spanish Style.
The flavor is the absolute best and though it is served piping hot, it is also tantalizing leftover when it is cold and you can wake up in the middle of the night and make your dreams come true when you open your refrigerator.  This makes other chicken boring and we just adore the right amount of garlic used at El Pote.
We cannot say enough about Paella Valencia and we absolutely reveled in its classical chicken, sausages, seafood and rice and it is El Pote's number one best seller Paella.  The extraordinary rendition is a total winner and a superlative summer feast and is one reason why El Pote is always hopping.  This dish defines a hot summer night.
The staff at El Pote is to be commended and especially both Rogerio Cabrera who is a 38-year veteran (Favorite Dish: Paella Valencia! shown above) and Francisco Ortega is a 24-year veteran (Favorite Dish: Mariscada! shown below); our small steps telling you readers about the excellence of El Pote since 2012 pales in comparison with their tenure.  They both always have smiling faces and we love seeing them as much as we did Enrique and Jose and now Nicholas who has been there since 1991.  You know there are a myriad of restaurants that have come and gone in the years that this trio has sustained the quality of your dinner itself and the whole El Pote experience.
Mariscada is commensurate with excellence and you'll revel in the shrimp, clams, mussels and scallops as they waltz in their delicious savory green sauce yielding a melody of summer to your palate.

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