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Friday, August 4, 2023

Letter to the Peachy: By Dimitris Nakos Founder and Owner of Ammos Estiatorio and Board Member of Grand Central Partnership, Ammos Estiatorio at 52 Vanderbilt Avenue next to the Roosevelt Hotel is BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

Dear Peachy, Your Readers, Manhattan, New York, America and the World:
Born on the 4th of July in Athens, Greece 5 decades ago this year, I know from firsthand experience that both my dream and destiny was to come to America as an immigrant myself. I am proud to have worked my way up to becoming a Manhattan business owner for the past 14 years and also I am a proud member of the board of Grand Central Partnership which supports the wonderful neighborhood around the historic Grand Central Terminal. Being a business owner in Manhattan has always presented unique challenges, especially during the covid crisis, but we emerged from that stronger than ever thanks to your love and support of Ammos. This spring, business owners in close proximity to the Roosevelt Hotel were made aware of the migrants being housed inside and this did not present an issue for our business. However, in the past two weeks this geographic area became absolutely deplorable to the highest degree as shown on the news. Today I'd like to make the world aware that a complete revitalization has taken place as of yesterday, August 3, 2023. This is a credit to both the police doing a tremendous job: the perimeter around Ammos Estiatorio, my restaurant, and block has total police attendance and Alfred Cerullo, President of Grand Central Partnership. The Roosevelt Hotel has hired professional security to control the block of the hotel. All outside migrants have been transported away to different locations: none are outside anymore. The entire area has been power washed and cleaned and it looks as great as new. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to both our veteran patrons and our patrons-to-be for their support in the past and their continued support and it's now time to recommence our total celebration of Restaurant Week Summer 2023! This recent wave of adversity has been defeated in full and you are all welcome through our doors now and I cannot wait to see your smiling faces! We are back and better than ever."
All the best,
Dimitris Nakos
Founder and Owner of Ammos Estiatorio and Board Member of Grand Central Partnership

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