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Thursday, October 26, 2023

#PeachyPicks #LAngeletto by #ExecutiveChef #DavidBrungoli and #AustinBrahj 327 Second Avenue at 19th Street

David with his quintessential DOVER SOLE!!!
Executive Chef and Owner David Brungoli
Peachy's FAVORITE Carbonara
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know David Brungoli.  And so do dozens of world leaders who regularly dine at his two restaurants.  We count fifteen of them recently- we'd like to tell you who they are however, we respect their privacy.
The third time's a charm and we're thrilled to announce that L'Angeletto has joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks.  David is the best chef from Italy that is still under the radar in Manhattan.
His carbonara alone is to-die-for and no one does it better.
The good news is for you, you don't have to be a world leader to eat there, just make a reservation and you will be in the big leagues of fine dining.
It goes without saying that there is a myriad of excellent Italian wines to choose from!
We began with a new menu item: The Red Beet Salad.
We love beets.
Carrots, pears, walnuts, arugula and goat cheese join them in this nutritious endeavor with Balsamic Vinegar.  It was a special the day we visited.
Meet Carciofi alla Romana, above!
Gorgeously cut and arranged with a sidekick of cherry tomatoes, this artichoke wonder waltzed with rosemary, garlic, lemon, black pepper and white wine in a precise 24-hour bespoke marination to highlight the intrinsic flavor, yielding fresh, fabulous results.
Peachy absolutely loves Burrata and this is evidenced and carefully chronicled in BURRATA PEACHY.
Sure, it is not difficult to put Burrata and Prosciutto together, but it is difficult to get this level of quality involved and silence Peachy as she indulges in what is for her a religious experience with Burrata, which undoubtedly brings you closer to God.  
Yes, you need the Burrata and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma in your life.
Note we NEVER, EVER edit pictures.
You kill it like David and Austin or we do not publish.
Of course sourced from England, the Dover Sole is a celebration on a plate.
The skinless filet is coveted by Manhattan's elite after David has put a spell on it with white wine, lemons and capers.  Zucchini, asparagus and sauteed shallots bring it to another level and this is a substantial, quality fish that every little Dover Sole in England dreams of growing up to become!
From every angle, the Dover Sole is a clearcut winner.
As the fall cools down the city, Chicken Marsala is a wonderful option.  Chicken escalope with mushrooms and rich marsala wine sauce is perfectly pounded and sprinkled with salt and pepper and joined by spectacular roasted red potatoes that match the sweetness of the marsala wine.
If the Lobster Ravioli is on the specials menu when you visit, it is absolutely not to be ignored!  The lobster is the best from Maine and it's intelligently mashed to strategically enhance its flavor with cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, evoo, black pepper and red beet juice to enhance the wow factor with the color. 
 Also smashing little shrimps come to the plate too singing backup to the lobster notes on your palate!  Every bite is pure ecstasy and we can count on one hand how many Italian restaurants in Manhattan we've reviewed would be competitive with this level of lobster ravioli.  This white was a lovely companion to the seafood.
Trying to decide what pasta to get at L'Angeletto is one of life's best problems to have and we suggest you solve it by not deciding and instead ordering at least 3.  You can take it with you!  
This next hit is a brand new one: Fettuccine Mare Monte!
The idea of the name is a beautiful combination of the bounty of both the sea (shrimp) and the land (mountains yield mushrooms).  Italian parsley blasts this to the stratosphere of taste with garlic and evoo, basil and salt and black pepper.  There's nothing ordinary about the mushrooms and shrimp here: only extravagant decadence on your palate.
Befriend the Montepulciano:
If Peachy was stranded on a desert island with Carbonara from only one place, it would be this version of Carbonara.  Words simply do not do it justice.
Rigatoni Alla Carbonara with egg yolk, pecorino romano, and succulently smoked pancetta amalgamate ideally into the best carbonara you've EVER HAD.  
In our humble opinion, we are sure these world leaders enjoy this a lot more than the ton of meetings they have to go to until this is the highlight of their day!
Profiteroles seal the deal with the pastry at the bottom, covered by Dark Chocolate from Belgium.

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