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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

#PeachysPicks Say BE MINE to the Lobster Mango Salad and LOVE the Lavraki at Ammos Estiatorio on Valentine's Day 2024! Dinner 4:30 to 10:30pm at Ammos 52 Vanderbilt Ave Exactly West of Grand Central Terminal Is Where You Go With Your Love!

Drumroll please.
Love can be hard.
If Lavraki is not a regular term in your love language, maybe it is time to reconsider the love elements in your life and vastly improve your dinner!!!!
Peachy Deegan and Dimitris Nakos, Founder and Owner of Ammos Estiatorio, love the Whom You Know readers and want to share the excellence of the LOBSTER MANGO SALAD with you!!!  This is an appetizer for Valentine's Day:
Steamed whole lobster pieces, diced mango, diced tomatoes, garlic, onions, serrano peppers, and fresh lime juice bring the love to your plate and seasoned with sea salt and ground pepper, will take your tastebuds by the hand and do a celebratory waltz declaring their love for your stomach!
Note we never edit pictures.
You kill it like Dimitris does at Ammos, or we do not publish.
...and he has been killing it ever since we discovered its existence in 2011.
If Peachy were Alice in Wonderland, when she listens carefully to the lobster mango salad she thinks she hears it say: "Eat Me!"
Be one with your Lobster Mango Salad!
Peachy thinks if she sent this up to heaven to Whitney Houston, she would have to change the words from "I'm Your Baby Tonight" to "Be My Dinner Tonight."
The fish selection at Ammos Estiatorio is unparalleled.
Premium daily deliveries straight from Greece arrive in style, subject to the Executive Chef Bruno Marino magic in the kitchen at 52 Vanderbilt before hitting the plate for a home run to your stomach!
Dinner is served on February 14, 2024 at Ammos Estiatorio from 4:30pm to 10:30pm, and includes a starter, appetizer, main entree and dessert.
The quintessential Greek Lavraki is the best way to express your love in an entree!
Fresh off a flight from Greece, the Whole Mediterranean Sea Bass, a love song to the healthiness of your cardiovascular system in itself, is further nutritionally skyrocketed by sauteed spinach available specifically on Valentine's Day!  It's super heart-healthy!
Every bite of this fish is the utmost delicacy and a celebration of high-quality Manhattan fine dining in Mediterranean style.  The Lavraki at Ammos sets the standard for deliciousness that is also healthy, leading you to many more happy Valentine's Days down the road in your life!
Ammos is absolutely gorgeous in decor and we have always told you it is the closest vacation you'll find in New York!  Dedicated enthused readers you will remember AMMOS means sand in Greek, and there is NO BETTER BEACH IN MANHATTAN!
Ammos is gorgeous.
Ammos is classy.
Ammos is where you want to be on February 14th if you love others and love yourself!
You know by FEBRUARY we are all absolutely dying for the beach.  What Peachy likes to do is EAT the BEACH, especially for Valentine's Day!!!
Bien Sur mes amis, and that's French for OF COURSE, the best desserts in life involve one of the major four food groups: CHOCOLATE!  Peachy does not want to live in a world without chocolate, especially the BELGIAN DARK CHOCOLATE AT AMMOS ESTIATORIO!!! And because Ammos is dedicated to authenticity with the Mediterranean diet right down to the founder and owner, Dimitris Nakos being an Athens, Greece native, it is also a HEALTHY dessert because you'll discover an absolutely fabulous array of mixed nuts and berries.  Even the bespoke Fig Ice cream is perfectly punctuated with the ripest and juiciest and in our opinion, HEALTHIEST (Peachy is not a doctor.  Peachy is not a nutritionist...) of figs. 
Who needs sugarplums dancing in your head when you can have Baklava Sokolata!!!  The layers of nuts play hide and seek with your fork inbetween heavenly layers of phyllo and honey syrup dipped in Belgian dark chocolate!!!
The coveted angle for the professed chocoholics like Peachy (who has no interest in recovery: she is committed to chocoholism):
A BERRY NICE angle that is also very nice:
Ammos Estiatorio continues to Earn Our Highest Recommendation.
It is absolutely where you want to be with your love and you will LOVE DINNER!

The bar looks pretty PEACHY to us!!! Stay tuned...

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