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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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Everyone's eyes smile in front of his camera because there are IRISH EYES behind it!

County Antrim!

The whole world celebrates Irish Style, Intelligence and Excellence when you see pictures by Patrick McMullan.

His website tells us:

Patrick McMullan is an American photographer, columnist, television personality, publisher, art collector, philanthropist, businessman, documentarian and survivor. A New Yorker his whole life, born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and raised in Huntington, Long Island. Educated at New York University, McMullan majored in business marketing and “minored in Studio 54” as he jokingly says.

Patrick McMullan has become a top photographer with a full service photography agency in Manhattan, with a photo studio located at 321 West 14th Street. On the website,, viewers can get a glimpse into some of the most exclusive events in New York City, Los Angeles and South Florida.

Ultimately what makes the Patrick McMullan Company unique is what it contains on a historical level. Not only does his ever-increasing archive contain present day celebrities, people, and places but McMullan’s extensive archive (spanning over 40 years) is believed to be, “one of the largest photo archives of famous, living people in existence.” Patrick McMullan’s archive is a visual Who's Who that is an invaluable resource to the media and the individual.

The premiere nightlife photographer in New York City since working at the club magazine Details in the 1980’s, McMullan’s work has become infinitely pervasive in both daily life and pop culture. His work appears regularly in New York Magazine’s "Party Lines" column, newspaper amNew York’s column AM/PMc, and all his monthly photo pages in Architectural Digest, Art & Auction, Gotham, and Hamptons, AVENUE, Quest, amongst others.

McMullan’s PMc Publishing Company, has six published books: Glamour Girls, Kiss Kiss, Intents, so8os: A Photographic Diary of a Decade, Men’s Show, and Secrets of the Riviera. And is currently working on Klub Kidz and Patrick McMullan’s: Blondes. 

Peachy did not know she was going to see Patrick but she loves the color green, and it looks like he does too.

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