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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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David Burke and Peachy Deegan
The Highly Esteemed Clothesline Bacon.
It is literally but a dream!
Befriend the Branzino and Ravish the Ribeye
Twist our arm...we LOVE to play with our food!
It's not who you know and it never has been, readers who love English!
It's Whom You Know and we are absolutely thrilled to know Chef David Burke.
He owns 18 restaurants so far, and this is his third feature on Whom You Know, and the third time's a charm.  It's nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice and excellent.  He was first featured when we met him at PARK AVE KITCHEN BY DAVID BURKE, the newest Manhattan location, which went on to earn even more accolades in LINE AND DINE at PARK AVE KITCHEN BY DAVID BURKE.  This time, we paid 135 East 62nd Street a visit and were delighted to work with General Manager Alex Taylor, below, who speaks during the bacon video (sorry for calling you Andrew in the video; obviously Peachy was bewitched by the bacon).  
Sidney Crosby, you ought to come with us next time as you would fit right in with the animals of the tuxedo persuasion.  They made an entrance during covid as spacers and are proven guests now.  Obviously, Peachy Deegan absolutely loves stuffed animals and actually reviews them: Warmies are the greatest!
All bacon when it grows up wants to become the Clothesline Bacon at David Burke Tavern.
It is a fact that it is the best bacon we have had in our life, and during the six months Peachy resided in Cork, Ireland, home of recent Oscar winner Cillian Murphy, the rashers were the best food there period.  This bacon was better than that...and we believe David told us he has Galway roots.
The Clothesline Bacon experience begins with a blowtorch (not by you, by the staff of course) tableside which renders the fat and properly toasts the black peppercorns.  Obviously, it is thick cut.  Three pieces arrive in style as a hat trick for your stomach with black pepper maple glaze that will continue to dance like sugarplums in your head after the bacon magically disappears.  Lemon and a dill pickle also come to this party, which has inspired BACON PEACHY.
Next in the batting order were the succulent mussels.
Bomba calabrese, oregano, lime and garlic herb toast team up for another winning starter.  We really liked them and the flavor wowed us and was not overpowering but the right amount of pizazz.  
Bien sur mes amis, they give you the correct seafood fork (believe it or not even in the culinary echelons in Manhattan this does not happen everywhere):
The wine list at David Burke Tavern is extraordinary and approachable.  Domaine de L'Argenteille, Cote du Rhone, France 2019 provided a welcoming commencement and was a lovely companion to both the bacon and mussels.  The Modern American menu strikes the right balance in a spot that is both cozy and polished casual, embellished by the color red which we understand is David's favorite color: red is like food: red meat, red tomatoes, red sauce (few foods are blue).
We were huge lobster dumpling enthusiasts at our prior experience, and can happily confirm that they earn high marks for consistency!  Note that they are absolutely exactly this gorgeous in person and that we never edit pictures.  You excel like David, or we do not publish.  Spicy tomato, lemon and basil accentuate these beauties of the sea that are also a favorite of GM Alex Taylor, a Brisbane, Australia native whom you should congratulate on becoming a US Citizen on September 23, 2023.  We understand David Burke has a storied history in this neighborhood, beginning on 61st with Donatella and Fishtail in this space prior to its current incarnation.  In 2016 Tavern 62 by David Burke opened, and it became David Burke Tavern in 2019.
Let us preface the salad section by informing you that Peachy Deegan liked all of the salad dressing.  She always wants it on the side and only likes a tiny percentage of all salad dressings she is ever served anywhere.  From the vinaigrette to the basil oil to the balsamic glaze, you cannot go wrong with any of the choices here that embellish the already extraordinary components of the salads.  Of course, we ordered the Burrata Salad and naturally that was Peachy's favorite component along with the prosciutto of course.  Acorn squash, fennel, and pepitas added nutrition and balance to the setup and all parts were so fresh and crisp.
The Romaine Caesar Salad is exactly as you'd expect and properly dressed to the nines with high quality house caesar dressing that is not over or underdone but just right for Goldilocks Peachy.  Romaine, croutons and parmesan rejoice in the elegant Caesar perfection.
We understand daily flights from the Mediterranean arrive to David Burke Tavern with your Branzino for dinner and the freshness is evident in each bit of the poisson achievement.  Ratatouille and Artichoke Puree with Crispy Artichokes enhance the swimmer who swims for your stomach in a tantalizing 50/50 ratio, showing that you can have the best of both of these sauces while you enjoy the superb Branzino.  Pech Des Cades Sauvignon Blanc from France was a enchanting companion.
Of course at David Burke Tavern when you order steak, you are given a David Burke knife to properly cut it.
The sides here are better than the entrees at many other places.
From the Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Horseradish Cream that you'll adore to the Whipped Potatoes with Garlic Confit that are the best potatoes you'll have anywhere in New York right now (remember he is Irish), the companions to the beef or whatever your little heart desires are simply wonderful.
Right up there with the bacon in terms of what we liked best, and we liked or rather LOVED everything, is the Dry Aged Prime Ribeye which was exactly medium rare as ordered.  The carnivorous victory was primetime juicy and ravishing in every bite.  The presentation in particular was majestic and the top-notch quality across the board at David Burke Tavern makes you even prouder to be American.  We will admit we do love those French wines on the menu and the Chateau D'Arcie Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Bordeaux was excellence with the steak.
Raspberry sorbet (sorbet of the day) with fresh seasonal berries sealed the deal!

Their website says:

Fueled by passion, grit and a knack for artful innovation, David Burke is one of the best known and most respected chefs in modern American cuisine with his signature whimsical, boundlessly creative approach to food. In addition to being an internationally celebrated chef, Burke is: a restaurateur; artist; philanthropist; businessperson; author; educator; art collector; puppeteer; minister; doctor of business administration, honoris causa; and beekeeper. David Burke Hospitality Management (DBHM) owns, manages, licenses, and consults with restaurants, hotels, clubs, and schools worldwide. Currently, Burke and his DBHM team operate or orchestrate the culinary component of 18 restaurants, a historic event venue and a bakery. They also oversee a growing roster of David Burke branded products, including cookware, bakeware, steak sauce, cutlery, and wine.
Known for his industry insight, culinary accomplishments, business acumen and candid observations, Burke is often a leading contributor to major news sources, such as ABC TV, Forbes, Fox TV, Bloomberg and more. He is also frequently called upon to play the role of event honoree, speaker, and judge.

In the parlance of today’s celebrity driven culture, he is a rock star of the culinary world.

At just 26, Burke’s kitchen mastery won him the executive chef position of New York City’s legendary River Café, where he earned a prestigious three-star review from The New York Times. While at River Café, he became the first (and remains the only) American to win the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Diplome d’Honneur, cementing his status as a leading chef on the global culinary stage. He subsequently won Japan’s Nippon Award for Excellence, and the Robert Mondavi Award of Excellence, all of which earned him a place in James Beard’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. Burke has been nominated twice for James Beard’s Best Chef and became a familiar face on the popular TV show “Top Chef."

After opening several restaurants with the founder of the iconic Smith & Wollensky steakhouse brand and, having established a remarkable reputation, Burke set his sights on growing his brand. The first building block was the highly regarded David Burke & Donatella, which debuted in 2003. He went on to form a hospitality company that owned and operated numerous award-winning restaurants around the country. It was during this period that Burke gained US patents for several innovations, including his famous Himalayan salt dry aging process for beef.

In the early 1990s, Burke founded DB Global and later, in 2015, DBHM to further expand his footprint and to showcase what had become the culinary, decorative, and operational hallmarks of the David Burke brand.

The early 2020 advent of the Covid-19 pandemic threatened that expansion; however, Burke continued to push forward. He created the #Feed the Heroes program, which prepared and delivered more than 100,000 meals to frontline workers and charities.

Sheer boredom during the months-long lockdown spurred his hugely popular and hilarious cooking demos “LeftobyDB,” with Lefto, a puppet bearing an uncanny resemblance to Burke with unruly gray hair, large-framed glasses, and chef’s coat. In addition, Burke launched a virtual online cooking demo program, CookinDB IGTV, and employee incentive initiatives tailor-made for Fortune 500 companies like Verizon.

And, rather than retrenching, he opened eight new Burke-branded restaurants in North Carolina, Saudi Arabia, and his home state of New Jersey, where he now has seven restaurant operations and a bakery. Burke’s April 2022 purchase of 89-year-old Dixie Lee Bakery saved it from closure.

In New Jersey, he also established the David Burke Scholarship at Brookdale Community College for which his annual donation of $10,000 pays the tuition for two students every year – one a culinary arts major, the other majoring in hospitality management.
With the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, he is focusing on building a national presence for what is now Dixie Lee Bakery by David Burke and establishing Red Horse by David Burke as a burgeoning steakhouse brand. To those ends, Dixie Lee’s products will soon be sold on Goldbelly and Amazon; South Lawn, NJ’s popular Fox & Falcon became Fox & Falcon by David Burke in Feb. 2023; and, a month later. The second Red Horse by David Burke debuted in White Plains, NY. March 2023 also saw the inauguration of Burke’s partnership with Rhode Island’s Preserve Sporting Club & Residences, where he has taken over the luxury resort’s culinary operations, The centerpiece being the sprawling main restaurant, now Double Barrel Steak by David Burke and open to the public for the first time.

In April 2023, Burke took on Cornelius, NC’ s Port City Club as his first lakeside establishment and the 18th in his current restaurant portfolio.

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