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Monday, April 15, 2024

#PeachysPicks #IlGattopardo @IlGattopardoNYC A Peachy's Pick for 13 Years and A FAVORITE!!! #GianfrancoSorrentino #PaulaBollaSorrentino #VitoGnazzo #PeachyDeegan A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Il Gattopardo Spring 2024 #FineDining #Manhattan

As you know it is the high holy time of Stanley Cup Playoffs almost and if Peachy was stranded on a desert island right this second with only three things to eat from Il Gattopardo, they would be these, detailed below!
A winning hat trick (3 goals, silly, aren't you reading NHL Peachy with Gordie upstairs) in Peachy's stomach!

First, read its history:
Owned by the trifecta of talent Paula Bollo Sorrentino, Executive Chef Vito Gnazzo, left, and Gianfranco Sorrentino, right, Il Gattopardo was a Peachy's Pick Starting in 2011!  It was last featured in 2022, and we're absolutely positively thrilled to give you an update on how they are staying on top across the board from Vito's top-notch quality cuisine to atmosphere to never overlooking the smallest detail.
Of course, their sister restaurant is The Leopard at Des Artistes which we featured in 2011 first at the very beginning when it opened, and we're delighted to tell you that The Leopard has news: Vincenzo Adamo, born and raised in the beautiful southern Italian city of Naples, joined The Leopard at des Artistes team as Sous Chef in 2022, and in 2024 has been promoted to Executive Chef so you will be hearing from him soon. You all remember Vito was the original chef and still is at Il Gattopardo!
Paula and Peachy, above, and Peachy and Vito below The Italian Consulate!!!!
Peachy and Gianfranco at Il Gattopardo:
We began with the gorgeous beet salad: Oven-roasted baby beets with Tuscan Kale, red wine Ubriaco cheese and brilliant toasted hazelnuts were a welcome opening, and this visit we were delighted to meet and work with Andrea Brunetti, expert waiter who has immaculate attention to detail and presents with the right flair.  Absolutely we would encourage you to make a reservation because these are coveted tables; the arancini is also a lovely touch.
Gianfranco taught Peachy nearly everything she knows about Italian wine and she gives him credit in practically every other Italian review!  Gruppo Italiano was in our Best of 2023: Day 20.  The wine list at Il Gattopardo is like a wine bible and this visit we ordered the gospel of Sagrantini di Montefalco 2015 Cantina Tudernum (Org) from Umbria, just like Andrea!
We reveled in its excellence and versatility throughout the evening, and can unequivocally say there is not a bad wine choice to be had at Il Gattopardo ever.
Absolutely outstanding is the Lightly Smoked burrata Pugliese, and it is elevated to the culinary echelons of excellence with the ferrari of prosciutto, Culatta: Culo di Maiale (pig's behind!  ass!).  The best way to experience this gastronomic wonder is obviously at Il Gattopardo and the pickled fennel hiding below, shown discovered with our fork.
All lasagna is not created equally.
Some is just superior.
Namely, Lasagna "di Carnevale" with mini meatballs, ricotta and smoked mozzarella.
The meatballs alone will win you over and we ought to know, as we once did intensive meatball studies with Vito who has shown us firsthand that NOBODY does it BETTER!
These are typical from Naples and they are with tomato sauce, not bolognese.  No ground beef.  MEATBALLS!!!!!!!!!
The cheese element is ricotta and mozzarella which they must order from heaven based on the taste.
Say yes please to the Parmigiano Reggiano on top.
Meatball Glamour Shot:
As a rule, for a restaurant to remain a Peachy's Pick, we do visit once a year and in this case, we were looking for consistency.  We last had this AMAZING ARTISINAL SENATORE CAPPELLI CAVATELLI WITH SHELLFISH RAGOUT in 2022 and you can see it in the review; we can happily confirm that Il Gattopardo is ALWAYS in it to win it and NEVER rests upon its laurels like some of the people that think they are their competition, but it is clear to us that Il Gattopardo is better.  We consider far more than we publish on and we don't remember exact dishes for years on end unless we really love them, and we love this one.
Enchanted treasures from the sea ravish your palate.  It's delicate and fresh and perfection any time of the year.
Red Snapper is not common on New York menus; Peachy does eat it often in Florida.
It is simply superlative at Il Gattopardo and even better when you consider its backup singers in this dish.  Poached red snapper with clams, mussels and white wine broth is light and exquisite and further accentuated by the zucchini, potatoes and tomatoes hand-cut.  It's like a painting in an art museum-so gorgeous!  Note we never edit pictures: you win like Il Gattopardo or we would not publish.
Obviously, nothing is overlooked here and you automatically get the right fork and shell discard dish.
Il Gattopardo is a real beacon of civility in the crazy world of New York today, and that is reconfirmed with the Veal Chop Milanese-style with organic arugula salad, olive oil and balsamic dressing.  You'll revel in the purity and simplicity done so well, and don't overlook the outstanding Brussel Sprouts with guanciale!!!  Other places halve them, but they are quartered at Il Gattopardo.
They are even better quartered of course.
We may not have gotten Alain yet from France, but you should know that the Wild Strawberry Tart will be the best dessert you have this season, and the operative word in its name is Wild.  The wild strawberries are imported from France!!!  The petite beauties are the most flavorful and delicious strawberries you will ever eat (unless maybe you go to France?).  Joined with vanilla custard on a tarlette, it is a spring celebration on a plate.  And of course the biscotti is to-die-for.
This is exactly how we feel about Il Gattopardo:
We love it.
Il Gattopardo continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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