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Thursday, May 16, 2024

#SensationalSalad Continues with Hits By #TheConsulateMidtown @theconsulatenyc 44 West 56th Street Manhattan By Twins #KirilMihajlov and #MetodijaMihajlov

In addition to the four salads on the main menu, Kiril exceeds expectations with the Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad on the Specials Menu!
Founder and Owner Kiril Mihajlov and Peachy Deegan
Don't hate them because they're beautiful: Eat their salads!
Whom You Know is thrilled to continue our coverage of the hottest salads this season exclusively from Peachy's Picks, and today please meet the salads of The Consulate Midtown.
Four salads grace the regular menu and in all four cases we added each of the four protein choices separately: Shrimp, Tuna, Chicken and Salmon.  Note both the tuna and the salmon you can choose the cooking temperature-we chose medium for both- and they stylishly arrive in cast iron on the side.
Let us commence with the majestic Brussels and Kale!  We have always gravitated to its excellence with pecorino and green apples in addition to obviously brussels and kale, and it is even better with Shrimp!  Owner Kiril tells us ALL THE SHRIMP AT THE CONSULATE ARE JUMBO SHRIMP!  Let's get this party started, indeed.  Not even the shrimp are shrimpy here, and they put the salad dressing on the side as requested.  The Consulate at both venues is excellent at attention to detail and they are among the most lauded newcomers to our site since covid.
Leave it to The Consulate to have us work with a Waiter named Cesar for the salad review!
Both Cesar Juca and Gerardo Barona were gracious and attentive servers this visit.
Next, a total classic, which we added chicken to: Cesar!
This was the only salad we wanted dressed.
Romaine lettuce, white anchovies, pecorino, bottarga and croutons amped up the luxury factor and announced this is no ordinary salad.  In every case during this review, the elements of each and every salad were of the utmost freshness and yielded a satisfying crunch of nutrition and deliciousness.  
In this salad column, we are showing you how you can go out and eat in a delicious manner while being healthy too.
Note we never edit pictures.
You rule like The Consulate always does, or we do not publish.
We were pleasantly surprised to befriend a new salad: Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon!
It was on the specials menu, and it also features gorgonzola cheese. Festive and smashing, it is a harbinger of summer weather on your plate.
The Burrata Salad is tough to beat, and you all know we are so devoted to Burrata it has its own column.  The Burrata Salad at The Consulate is defined by cherry tomatoes, pesto, olives, frisee, onions, sumac and has some foccacia sing backup on the side.  In this case, Peachy chose the Salmon to be the highlighted protein and as you can see, pictures speak louder than words.  This kind of salmon quality is superior to most proteins at lesser venues with lesser salads that we don't waste your time with.  Salads at The Consulate are stars that should be getting a casting call from your diet.  Red wine vinegar dressing is on the side.
Finally, pinkies out readers, the Endive salad is the final exquisite jewel in The Consulate salad collection.  Tuna was our opted for protein here, and of course the base is endive.  Creative orange dressing sets off the oranges which have zero white veins in them, expertly presented, and brilliant candied walnuts and sprinkles of gorgonzola seal the deal.

The Consulate Midtown continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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