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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

#InauguralReview #SevillaRestaurant by #JoseLloves Owner Since 1964 and #BienvenidoAlvarez Oldest Spanish Restaurant in the United States Since April 1936 62 Charles Street Corner of 4th Street Greenwich Village Manhattan

Say yes please to the Paella a la Marinera
By Miguel Lloves:
It's time to light up your life with a hit that though is quite established is new to us!
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and now we know Sevilla!  It has an incredible storied history, detailed so well here on their website, and we understand the building dates back to 1824.  Prior to 1924, it had been a grocery store, and the bar began in 1924 and today this original cherry wood bar is celebrating its 100th birthday.  Sevilla is the oldest Spanish restaurant with origins direct from Spain in the United States and it began in 1936!  We cannot WAIT to see what Sevilla does when they turn 90 like our friend in Georgetown, Billy Martin just did last year (well his RESTAURANT, not youthful Billy! The 4th and Best Billy Martin in our humble opinion.  Of course that's been a Peachy's Pick for many years.)
We were delighted to work with owner Jose Lloves and his son Miguel, and Jose has been the owner since way back in 1964, and Sevilla concentrates on the cuisine of the Province of Seville, the Southern Area of Spain.   Today Jose owns Sevilla along with his brother, Bienvenido Alvarez.  We understand everything is made from scratch and nothing is ever premade.  Miguel told us that Seville/Sevilla is where Christopher Columbus left Europe!
We began as you should in the heat of summer: with Gazpacho!
It was fresh and fragrant and when we visited, it had an element of watermelon which was delicious!  Sometimes there's strawberry; other times there's cucumber.  This is our first Sevilla experience and all of these sound good to us.  They use very little garlic.
As you know we are advocates of green salad.  To that end, we were delighted with the House Salad and they were happy to put the dressing on the side.  Their house dressing is French and all salad components were fresh and what we are looking for.
We absolutely adored and are crazy for the Mushrooms with Crabmeat.  They use brilliant silver dollar mushrooms and the crab quality was tremendously excellent.  We cannot wait to eat them again.  And, pictures do not lie.  We never edit pictures: we publish the truth and the truth is Jose and Miguel knocked it out of the park with these and you have to have them.  There is a lemony sauce.
Historically at Spanish places, Peachy always orders garlic shrimp and the Shrimp Ajillo in Hot Garlic Sauce boasted a solid performance, above.
We're told they have fish deliveries three times a week, and are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Next in the batting order was another winner: Red Snapper.  It's Chilean or Argentinian and is gorgeously roasted with shrimp, peppers, tomatoes and onions and combined, it regally perches upon delicious saffron rice which we also loved.  The seafood elements were in ideal proportion to each other and the vegetables flavored them well and added nutritional value.
Everyone knows Peachy loves seafood, especially on a hot day like today.  However, if you are looking for a non-fish dinner, we believe the Pollo Ajillo with Hot Garlic Sauce has wide appeal.  Olive Oil, Garlic, Paprika and salt bring this to the higher echelons of flavor and it hits the spot.  Peachy is a huge fan of garlic and if you are too you must try this dish.
Avid readers know Peachy's favorite color is green, and she always is on the lookout for superb green sauces and you will be the first to know, readers, when she finds good ones!  And this is an excellent one:  Little Neck Clams waltz in spectacular fashion in the Sevilla Green Sauce of garlic, salt, minced onions, white wine and of course Parsley.  It's a bespoke original you absolutely must meet.
Finally, our favorite edible on this review was personally created by Jose Lloves and it was simply outstanding!!! Meet Paella a la Marinera: Seafood and Lobster with Rice.
We love the contrast of red lobster with green peas which visually captivates you and you be enthralled by the symphony of seafood that awaits you in sublime summer fun exclusively at Sevilla by the Lloves family.
Obviously, they give you the correct utensils but that is nice for you to know because it doesn't happen everywhere!
There are many reasons why this place has been thriving since 1936 and we only wish we went sooner.
Check out that tremendous claw!
It was just as delicious as you would imagine from its below glamour shot!
The lobster is from New England.
Finally, do not miss the amazing Red Sangria crafted with red delicious apples, orange and lemon with of course Red Wine.  It's a summer must.
Jose and Peachy
We know you are going to love it, and also llove it!
We look forward to seeing what Sevilla does next.

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