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Sunday, June 9, 2024

#SensationalSalad Continues with Hits By #Alcala by #Founder #ExecutiveChef and #Owner #JesusMartinez at 246 East 44th Street Manhattan

Founder and Owner Jesus Martinez with his favorite salad of seafood!
It's not only the Garlic Shrimp that is outstanding.
It turns out that the Gambas graces several salads at Alcala, and we are thrilled to bring you the next winner in Sensational Salads!
Meet: Avocado con Gambas!
That means: Avocado with Shrimp...and note all pictures as always are unedited.
It really is this gorgeous and tastes phenomenally fresh.
Though this first salad was a special made especially for Peachy, we vote for it to become a permanent resident of the Alcala menu.
It's gorgeous from every angle!
Alcala was last featured this past February, and Alcala made its debut on Whom You Know so long ago in 2012 when it became a Peachy's Pick. The next salad we tried is a menu staple: Ensalada Verde. It's a total classic and the mesclun salad is triumphantly adorned with generous tomato slices and garnished with evoo and sherry vinegar dressing. Picky Peachy asked for the dressing on the side and they put it daintily in a dish, and she did like the dressing too!
Jesus is making the reviews very difficult for the restaurants that don't have their own vineyards in their own home country, because he does and his face on the bottle proves it.  
You would be totally remiss to go to Alcala in June and not order their spectacular Sangria, made with oranges, apples and of course Jesus's wine. The bespoke wine is from the La Mancha region of Spain, south of Toledo and not quite at Sevilla.  (There's a map in the bathroom if you are still learning Geography like Peachy...)
There are many salads we tried at Alcala, and they have a seafood-motivated selection.  The third is above: Ensalada de Salmon Marinado!  Everyone knows Peachy absolutely loves dill and this salmon is a step above the rest because it's marinated in dill before it strikes a pose to properly punctuate this salad.  Mesclun salad with evoo and sherry vinegar is expertly chopped below joined by the perfect juiciness of diced tomatoes.  
Below, meet Sardinas a la Parrilla con Ensalada.
A beacon of summer, it's exquisite with inviting sardines that perfectly flavor the vegetables and is brilliantly garnished.  The red pepper really makes it pop!
We liked the top salad the most, but actually this might tie it.  
Drumroll please, because there's a reason why this one is the favorite of the guy that created it.
Salpicon de Mariscos is its formal name, but the amazing delicacy is a symphony of summer with its shrimp, scallops, calamari and mussels.  The menu simply says seafood salad for the English definition, but as the pictures announce in vivid color it is a wondrous accomplishment of delicious festivities.
And, it smiled for its close up. It's ready for a step and repeat.
Finally, meet Boquerones en Vinagre: that's the Spanish word for Anchovies.  Even if you think you don't like anchovies, trust us, we believe you will like these anchovies.  We reveled in the simplicity: marinated in evoo and vinegar with parsley on the outside and diced tomatoes in the middle, it's a total refreshment in the hustle and bustle in the craziness of Manhattan.
So what you ought to do to meditate is go eat the salads at Alcala!
CBS Sunday Morning, maybe you can make this an upcoming sun?
And yes, we checked for you. The Garlic Shrimp is still the absolute best in town and you won't find better anywhere! Go ahead and make your own day, even you Clint Eastwood, and order it!

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