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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At the Guggenheim: The Third Mind American Artists Contemplate Asia

Whom You Know recently visited the Guggenheim and saw the exhibit: The Third Mind, American Artists Contemplate Asia 1860-1989. Ann Hamilton's site-specific installation "Human Carriage" was Peachy Deegan's favorite part of the exhibit. It was a mechanism installed in the rotunda that involved book weights, a pulley system and a bell carriage.

The title of the exhibit is derived from beat writers...the second photo was part of a dream exhibit that was quite offbeat but had cool lights.

A Whistler from the Tate is among the collection inspired by Eastern religious philosophies. Peachy Deegan, although not zen herself, felt that this exhibit must be that!

This is a nice exhibit to clear one's mind and take a break from the stress of this economy and the business of the city! Happy Tuesday.

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