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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sporty Peachy: Farewell Tom Renney! Whom You Know suggests some replacements!

Sporty Peachy Deegan believes that being an enthusiastic New York Rangers fan is part of being a quintessential Manhattanite! As the Rangers have had some stormy waters to navigate through recently, today's news tells us that Tom Renney is no longer the coach.

Whom You Know would highly endorse the hiring of any of the following candidates who coach in either the NHL or a minor league affiliate:
*Joel Quenneville, Head Coach of the Chicago Blackhawks
*Kevin Dineen, Head Coach of the Portland Pirates
*Doug Sulliman, Assistant Coach of the Phoenix Coyotes
*Dave Tippett, Head Coach of the Dallas Stars

Although they are employed as stated, these coaches have displayed tremendous promise that would be highly appreciated in Manhattan as the Rangers race to the playoffs!

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