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Friday, April 24, 2009

READ THIS: If You Give a Mom a Martini by Julie Klappas and Lyss Stern

Whom You Know just loves "If You Give a Mom a Martini" by Julie Klappas and Lyss Stern, especially since we LOVE Lyss Stern, our Mover and Shaker!

Peachy Deegan is going to go so far to say that EVEN if you are NOT a mom, you will love this book as it is loaded with fabulous humor and great ideas for the time out you want to have, not the kind you were punished with as a kid. Life in Manhattan is crazy at times and taking ten minutes for yourself is necessary for one's well-being, male or female and regardless of whether you are a parent! (Although we at Whom You Know, as we were champion babysitters at one stage, do indeed suspect that being a parent might require more time-outs for yourself due to increased stress...) In the interest of full disclosure, Peachy Deegan is not a parent, but her Awesome Godson (her cousin) just was accepted into the Boston College Football Camp this summer and she is very proud of him!

We have many, many favorites of the 100 Blissful Ways to find 10 Blissful Minutes for yourself, but if we told you all of them you would not read the book!

Here are our most favorite:
*10: Browse for Bling. We might add read the Whom You Know Column "Rock Your Body"
*11: Get a face-lift: Go on Facebook and reconnect with people
*45: Declare a Women's Right to Shoes
*53: Become the Kid Again: Crank calling...
*64: NAP!!!!

Be sure to pick up a copy! It is a must read!

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