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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Apple Business: Fame Game

Fame Theory LLC was founded in 2005 and launched the website in August 2007. Many sites bring you simple coverage of Manhattan social culture, but Fame Game makes it a science by using proprietary analytics to track, measure, and map New York’s dynamic social scene. Peachy Deegan thinks that if the New York Social Scene was like the SAT, this would be the Math section and Whom You Know would be the Verbal part! is to social capital what is to financial capital. Whether you’re a casual visitor or a voracious gawker, Fame Game allows you to see who’s who and how they stack up within the New York cultural economy.

The Fame Game algorithm, calculated each morning from the previous day's information, is comprised of event attendance, news mentions, connections to other people, and general trending (as discerned by google).

Fame Game is an entertainment network that tracks the most visible members of the cultural landscape; currently the site tracks over 200,000 profiles. The website creates public-facing ‘social network’ profiles for influential individuals and organizations based on event photography, news mentions, user generated content, and other offline and online data. Fame Game leverages the content, cultural data, and attention of these individuals and organizations to make high premium PR campaigns thrive online. Uniquely, they promote, track, and analyze the success of branded media campaigns using “social capital” performance metrics (online and offline data).

Fame Game plans to bring these partnerships and success to other influential urban centers in Miami and Los Angeles and they are also poised to build out a client back-end system that will make this data available on a customizable interface using a pay-for-subscription model. Fame Game's goal is to become the most visited online community about movers and shakers and the leading destination to promote society events, arts, culture, and philanthropy. Finally, Fame Game will be the primary resource for marketers seeking this demographic to target their online spends and track their offline event campaigns.

Their business model is based on both branded advertising and paid access to their data. They sell advertisements and branded event campaigns on the site as well as targeted local and national advertising campaigns through their weekly newsletter- Whom You Know readers can find the link to that at the end of this post to sign up. They also provide an event photography and promotion service. Finally, they sell access to their data and custom analytics reports to luxury brands and are currently working on building out an automated system to do this.Fame Game is the only site in the social networking category that is both exclusive and public. First mover advantage: They have accumulated 5+ years worth of data that can’t be replicated. There is currently no one in the marketplace who has a subscription-based product that tracks the PR markets.

Tatiana Platt, CEO, is the brains behind Fame Game. The Internet entrepreneur is a former Chief Trust Officer of AOL and a Mover and Shaker on Whom You Know. Included in her team are Jen Novak, CFO, Ryan Brown, COO, and Tim Schwartz, CTO.

Peachy Deegan interviewed Tatiana Platt for Big Apple Business. She has already been presented as one of our Movers and Shakers:

Peachy Deegan: How do you see Fame Game evolving in the future?
Tatiana Platt: With our expansion to other cities, Fame Game will continue to grow its footprint online and in the media. Just as Wikipedia transformed the way people look up information, Fame Game will become a national social register of sorts.

What criteria must "providers of information" meet to be considered for the mathematical calculation of one's Fame Game Statistic?
They must be "newsworthy", have an Internet presence, and be geographically pertinent. But not all providers are ranked the same. For example, a New York Times article mention has greater value than a mention on a society blog. We primarily look to circulation numbers/audience to assign weighting to news sources.

Are you adding more "providers of information"?
All the time. We are continually adding new feeds from newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. We also continue to explore photography sources.

What is the benefit for one when he/she claims his/her profile on Fame Game?
When you claim your profile on Fame Game, you have the ability to supplement the information on your profile. You can add additional biographical information, upload photography content, add reference links, etc. Since Fame Game's profile pages are highly indexed, they often return in a person's first page of google search results. By adding to the information in the profile, you can supplement the picture that browsers might have of you.

Although it is fun to compare profiles against one another, how is it important in business?
The Compare Profiles feature is meant as a comparison tool, whether serious or in jest. By comparing two people, you can seek who has a higher attention rank, which translates to a higher profile on the media scene. This is of interest to brands that are seeking spokespeople to represent them with free product.

What percentage of people connected have been photographed together?
Not a number we have available. We would have to run a special data query to answer that.

They are located at:

West Broadway #195

New York, NY 10013

(646) 873-6854

We look forward to tracking their exponential progress!

The link to sign up for the newsletter is:

Thank you Tatiana!

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