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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tasty Tidbits: Arturo's

In 1982, Arturo's was opened by Joseph Napolitano, who grew up in the restaurant business. From the age of 12, Joseph worked in his father's pizza place: "Pizza Nosh" in Corona, Queens, so this was in his blood.

Arturo's is known for their consistently excellent basic sauces which are derived from a secret family recipe. Not even Peachy Deegan could get Joseph to divulge the secrets. She did find out that they have become more technical over the years, and that the most fresh ingredients are used, which is the key to success in Italian cuisine. Unlike other ethnic backgrounds that call for tens and hundreds of ingredients, less is more in Italy and at Arturo's and the natural, fresh ingredients ensure a fabulous meal.

In speaking with Mr. Napolitano, Whom You Know learned that although Arturo's has been around for years, one of their newest, most successful ingredients is Burrata mozzarella- particularly excellent melted on top of a tomato. Breaded veal cutlets and Grande mozzarella are also keys to Arturo's Southern Italian kitchen.

Across the street you will find their pizza place, started in 1986.

Daily specials await the crowd at Arturo's, which we estimate is 75% regulars. Two fresh fish are on the menu every day and some of the more popular features are snapper, halibut, tilapia and occasionally tuna (not so much swordfish.)

Whom You Know looks forward to reviewing Arturo's!

For more information:

The website features both a menu and a wine list.

Arturo's Italian Restaurant
1617 York Avenue (Corner 85th & York Ave.)
Free Delivery 7 Days a Week
(212) 535-4480 (212) 650-1358

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