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Sunday, November 22, 2009

GET MORE OUT OF YOUR iPOD! Peachy Deegan Just Loves Clickfree's Helpful Innovations!

At Whom You Know, we want to make your life easier, so Peachy Deegan is always on the lookout for new innovations that help us out.  Of course, we like the ones that are of the highest quality that deliver excellent results with the least complication involved the best, so we love Clickfree!

We first wrote about this company:

With Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod you can backup your most precious data such as Email, Photos, Video and Documents onto the excess storage space on any iPod or iPhone.  It is very easy and even Peachy, who is not a techy-techy, can do it!  Just connect the Transformer into a USB port on your computer - connect your iPod or iPhone and Clickfree Backup begins!  We highly recommend all forms of risk management (just look at all that has happened on Wall Street in recent years!), and backing up your files is a must.

The Transformer for iPod will NEVER overwrite any files on your iPod / iPhone and works with any previous or future generation of iPod.  You can even Import Music and Playlists from ANY iPod or iPhone back on to your computer at the click of a button!

Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP and Mac OS X 10.5 or later

 No Software to install PC and MAC Compatible
 Backs up Over 400 File Types Supports 14 Languages
 Import Music from any iPod Backup Multiple Computers

Clickfree Transformer for iPod
PC or MAC Compatible
$49.99 USD

Whom You Know Recommends both Clickfree products we have tested!  Be smart and back up your files.  It is so easy and takes only a few minutes.

Get yours:

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