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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday is Spa day for Peachy and Sephora's Excellent Microfiber Products: We love the headband and the hair towel!

Well, we have written 313 Product Alert posts to date, and to properly use products on your face, you need your hair out of the way and to properly dry your hair before using our most favorite T3 dryer  you want to get most of the wetness we have another fabulous solution for you from Sephora:
*The Microfiber Headband
*The Microfiber Hair Towel

The Microfiber headband is luxuriously soft and has a handy velcro closure so it is one-size-fits-all.  We don't recommend you wash your hair every day, especially as this drying weather can make your hair even worse if it is overly cleansed.  By tying your hair back and putting on this headband under your showercap, your hair stays superdry.  Also it is a perfect headband for doing your own facial!  It retails for $11.

The Microfiber hair towel is super absorbent and is made of the same high-quality fabric of the headband: Aquitex.  It is quick drying and more importantly, it dries your hair much quicker than ordinary towels.  This is especially helpful if you have a lot of hair!   Retailing for $20, the microfiber hair towel is worth every penny.   You may want a second one for the gym!  It measures 18"x36" and is machine washable.

Whom You Know enthusiastically recommends these products! 

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