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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lappin Bill to Combat Sexual Assault on Subways Legislation would increase awareness of where crimes happen

From our Mover and Shaker, Jessica Lappin:

A recent survey found that sexual harassment is rampant in the New York City subway system.  Nearly two-thirds of women indicate that they have experienced unwanted sexual advances, come-ons, or fondling while on the subway. This is to be the subject of a Council hearing on November 19th.

In order to combat this growing problem, Council Member Jessica Lappin will introduce legislation at today’s Council Meeting that will require the NYPD to publish complaints of sexual assault and harassment alleged to have occurred in the transit system for each patrol precinct and transit district as part of the Crime Status Report.

“Women may be anecdotally aware of where the problems in our subway system lie, but guessing and rumors are no basis for making decisions about safety,” Council Member Lappin said.  “This bill will increase access to critical decision-making information to help make everyone’s subway ride safer.”

While the Crime Report is delivered to City Council Members and members of the administration, the released report is also public information. Data contained in the report will be open to New York residents, press outlets, and advocacy groups. Not only will the release of such data help women make informed decisions, but it will shed light on key statistics that will help build the case for needed enforcement of sexual crimes on our subway system.

“No one should have to deal with harassment or assault on their daily commute,” Council Member Lappin said.  “This information will enable us to target and tackle these awful crimes.”

 The City Council Transportation Committee will be conducting a hearing next Thursday on sexual harassment in the subways.  The hearing will take place at 10 a.m. in the 14th floor hearing room at 250 Broadway.

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