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Monday, November 16, 2009

Peachy Picks Melt Cafe and Gelato Bar! Peachy Deegan and the Whom You Know Dining Panel say Joe and Gino have a Winner, and we're not the only ones who think so...

We first told you about Melt Gelato in Tasty Tidbits:

Today we are pleased to announce it has graduated to Peachy's Picks!  It was a unanimous decision by the Whom You Know dining panel: all four voted yes.  Everything here is a winner.  Of course we were tempted to begin with the Gelato (it was so good we have dreamed of it two consecutive nights since), but as we are diligent reviewers we began with some crepes and salad.  It must be emphasized that there are healthy options here, everything is fresh, and the service is top-notch.  Not only are the servers detail-oriented, but they are quick!  This was not one of our 3 hour or 4 hour dinner reviews, and sometimes during the holiday season we all need a quicker option so we can get our Christmas shopping done.  We also loved how clean everything was and in with decor completely white in Manhattan, you know when all is really white it is clean!

Peachy began with the Parisian crepe which has eggs, cheese and ham and it was delicious!  It did not last long.  

Located on Second Avenue between 55th and 56th, Melt is so convenient and central to so many things in Manhattan we are thinking this crepe can work to satisfy your hunger morning, noon or night!  The wall says: "What Makes You Melt?"  We were thinking a better question would be what DOESN'T make you melt here?  The chicken caesar salad was incredibly fresh and out of this world.  It was of the quality you might find at a more formal restaurant but we had it at Melt Gelato (Peachy doesn't even like chick peas or croutons but she liked them in this):

The dessert crepes were just as tasty:

Saying the Gelato is the best part of Melt Cafe and Gelato Bar is like saying Derek Jeter is the best player on the Yankees.  Of course he is, and of course the Gelato is fabulous, but everyone on the team and the other menu items are great too!  The gelato pictured below is found in both all-year round and seasonal flavors.  From the top left going clockwise, you will see the Mixed Berry, Pumpkin Spice (seasonal), Double Dutch Chocolate (a dark chocolate), Cinnamon Apple Pie (seasonal), Mocha Almond and Pistachio Fudge.  We loved them all!

Owner Joseph Sparacello, shown below making the Gelato (he does make it!) is pioneering the Melt Cafe and Gelato Bar in the State of New York but we are confident that this will be a hit and this is just the first of many.  We understand there is also a location in the great state of Connecticut, and locations in other states as well.  

Our Panel stated:

"Café Gelato is a new (6 months old) café with an impressive and diverse menu located in midtown east on 55th st and 2nd Ave.   

The interior is clean, modern and bright. The staff was very efficient and accommodating. We met the owner, a young guy named Joe who is very personable and has boundless energy. We sat at a small table and watched the other crowds come in and out of the busy café while we awaited our food.   We were attended by a gracious host and were served by Joe, the owner.  

The menu was quite simple including Crepes, panini’s, salads, wraps, coffee and other shakes, smoothies, and of course Gelato. Something for everyone. I ordered a chicken caeser salad, a Kona coffee shake and a nutella and cinnamon crepe. The food was delicious and quite filling. For dessert we sampled various flavours of Gelato including apple pie, pumpkin, pistachio and dark chocolate. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the service, the simple but savory menu, reasonable prices and the décor of the restaurant.   

Overall, we highly recommend Café Gelato to anyone looking for a small, quiet refuge with great food and quick service. We note that the restaurant also delivers."

"Melt is a winner!  It is a place where you can eat very well for very small dollars!!  My wife had the salad with grilled chicken.  Most places usually have cold and non-seasoned chicken on top of the salad.  At Melt, the salad has HOT grilled chicken that is spiced, grilled and then cut into small cubes to maximize the taste.  

The crepes were excellent - albeit I only had two.  The first was a Florentine, with wonderful pesto, spinach and fontina cheese.  The other was a dessert crepe filled with nutella and chocolate - with whipped cream on top!!  Very tasty because it was served hot!!

The decor is modern and the restaurant even has a private, one at a time bathroom that was very "Hotel-like".  Overall, Melt (which is a franchise) is a winner and will undoubtedly become more and more popular!!"

You can get take-out Gelato and we highly recommend that so when you are dreaming about it at night you can just take it out of the freezer.

Joe could not have been more personable or upbeat!  By the way, Peachy Deegan and the Whom You Know panel are not the only ones that think this is great and patronize the place...Blake Lively has been a customer and Frankie Valli too!  See Frankie below with Joe's business partner Gino:

Maybe Joe and Gino will make a flavor called "Sherry" or maybe even "Peachy"?
Oh what a night that would be!  Your eyes (and your stomach) will adore it...and will be left Beggin' to return.
You will have to go to Melt to find out (Walk Like a Man to get there)! Tell them Peachy Deegan sent you.  If you don't understand this last part, march yourself over to Jersey Boys!
Whom You Know highly recommends Melt Cafe and Gelato Bar.
Melt Café & Gelato Bar (1053 2nd Avenue, (between 55th & 56th) NY, NY 10022; Tel (646) 329-6445;

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