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Friday, December 4, 2009

Spa Peachy: Ms. Q.V.H. Visit One to Advanced Derma Laser

We began our coverage here:

And Ms. A.B.H. had her first visit:

By Ms. Q.V.H.

Certainly not a topic of conversation at your next dinner party, but it is time we addressed one of the worst beauty upkeeps possible: getting rid of unwanted hair. Yes, we all have put ourselves through the painful torture every 4-6 weeks with waxing or the endless nicks and cuts from shaving. I have had more than enough for lifetime and have decided to take a more aggressive approach ridding myself of this nuisance forever with Laser Hair Removal.

I recently had my first appointment at Advanced Derma Laser in mid-town with owner Jennifer Kandemir.  The location is ideal (right near Saks) and their offices are clean and up-to-date. Jennifer greets me right away and makes me feel comfortable. I fill out some minimal paperwork and specify where I would like to never deal with hair again. I decide to go with my underarms and my bikini to start. Amazingly, I learned they can do everything from your eyebrows to your navel to your toes and all the other obvious body parts. Apparently removing nose and ear hair is popular with the men. I applaud that!

Immediately I am taken to a large private room where they hang up my jacket and cardigan and I lie down on a typical medical style table. Still reading People’s sexiest man alive issue that I brought in from the waiting room (I cannot help but wonder if Johnny Depp has had some Laser Hair Removal), they clean my underarms with alcohol pads and the laser machine is turned on.

I ask Jennifer what is the ideal situation for the best results as all results differ per person. Apparently dark coarse hair with light skin usually get the best results. I am a brunette however, having just gotten back from Cabo San Lucas, my skin is super golden tan. But any skin type and color can still have the process as they have multiple lasers to accommodate light to dark skin. Luckily, it does not matter for under your underarms. So, I raise my arms above my head and Jennifer starts the process. Basically you get little zaps from the laser which is about the area size of a quarter. To be perfectly honest, there is a small amount of sting, but nothing compared to waxing (even with the purple wax). When you justify it and realize that after 6-8 treatments you will never have hair there again, believe me the slight pain felt is more than worth it. A mere 3-5 minutes per underarm and it was time to move south.

Now this is when it really gets personal, but Jennifer is a total professional and I never feel uncomfortable for a second. Strangely enough, that area which one would think would be so sensitive is nothing as compared to the underarm. It was a breeze as in comparison. Without getting into too much detail, they take off as little or as much as you would like. Brazilian means the same thing in Laser Hair Removal as it does in waxing.

After 20 minutes or so I was done! Jennifer says I should see great results in two weeks and schedules me for another session in 6 weeks.

It has been two days since and I have not had any tingly feelings or redness in either area. Looking back I realize that what is just as important as finding a reliable and trustworthy place (Jennifer opened Advanced Derma Laser over 10 years ago) is trusting the person working on you and there is no better and dependable person then Jennifer and her business.  Until round two…

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