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Monday, January 18, 2010

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Loree Moore of The New York Liberty

Loree Moore was born in Long Beach, California on March 21, 1983. After her father passing away at a very early age her mother and godmothers became her sole providers and quickly instilled a strong drive in Loree.  Due to financial hardships Loree’s mother humbly worked several jobs to provide for her family. While Loree’s mom was at work, Loree soon became enrolled in sports to assist in child care and to also provide Loree discipline and to build a foundation for future life success.

Loree’s dedication and passion for basketball paid off when she was delivered the news of being awarded a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Before graduating with a Bachelors degree in Sociology in 2005, Loree was fortunate to have had a successful collegiate career. In addition to her accomplishments as a Lady Vol Loree Moore was also recognized on a National/International level. To name a few of her achievements, Loree Moore was a member of the 2000 U.S. Junior World Championship Argentina – Gold medalist, was a member of the 2001 U.S. Junior World Championship Czech Republic – Bronze medalist, 2003 USA Women’s Pan American Team Dominican Republic – Silver medalist. Loree’s ultimate triumph came when she was drafted to the WNBA to play for the New York Liberty in April 2005.

Loree had only spent one brief day in New York City prior to the start of her WNBA career here in Manhattan and had no idea what an influencing and powerful effect the Big Apple can have over people.  For the 5 seasons that she has played with the New York Liberty, Loree has established a strong presence on the court.  Despite several incapacitating injuries, Moore has been able to maintain a presence amongst her peers and within the organization.  Her teammates look to her for support and guidance.  Due to her leadership encouragement skills, she has been named captain of the team for the last 3 consecutive seasons. It is her resilient nature that has prompted her to achieve the following awards:

Along with playing in the WNBA Loree plays professionally overseas as well during the winter season. She started her international career in Turkey where she was named to the Turkish all-star team her first season with the team. For the past 2 winters Loree Moore has played with Vologda-Chevakata and led her team to the FIBA World League Tournament.

Off the court Loree Moore has had just as much success. Through the WNBA Loree has been able to devote a lot of her time to community service. While working with the Liberty, Loree has extended herself to working with children with disabilities, volunteering at breast cancer walks, performing at youth poetry events, hosting the Big Apple Circus, participating in numerous basketball camps for young children, donating to toy drives, and making several hospital visits to lift the spirits of ill children.  Even though, community service is a part of the WNBA appearances a player has to make, it has never been “work” to her.  She loves every second of it.
This league requirement soon became a personal priority to Moore that she has received an overwhelming amount of personal gratitude from.  Loree has now relocated herself permanently to New York City and pursues her volunteer services in her off-season.  Every summer and winter since 2005, Moore collects old clothing and passes it out to members of her neighborhood.  They all have become quite familiar with her and have developed a deep respect for her.  She also donates money and basketball sneakers to local church and AAU basketball teams so that the children have proper shoes and equipment.  Moore has also became an advocate for children that are in the foster care system and has donated her time on several occasions to do things like provide food, entertainment, make Christmas decorations, pass out toys, and donate clothes/shoes.  Last but not least, for this last WNBA season Moore donated 30 season-ticket passes to a local church as well as to a children and family center so that underprivileged families can enjoy a great Manhattan event that they would not be able to afford other wise. We are so pleased to present her as our latest Mover and Shaker!

Peachy Deegan interviewed Loree Moore for Whom You Know.

Peachy Deegan: What is your first basketball memory? 
Loree Moore: I was about 5 years old and I was at the YMCA playing basketball with some boys.  It was a tough game and I ended up making the game winning shot, all the boys wanted me on their team after that.
[Among other notable memories:]
It would definitely be winning the SEC tournament championship game against LSU my senior year of college. I had just came back from having surgery so being able to play in this game meant a lot to me.

What did you like about the game of basketball as a child? 
Basketball was the one thing that allowed me to escape life.

How would you compare and contrast California, Tennessee and New York? 
Cali and Tennessee are definitely laid back and slow paced while New York is a WHOLE different world. There is always so much life and action. The one thing they have in common is that all three states have a great love for the game of basketball.

What would most people not know about the Liberty that they should know? 
We are a bunch of comedians, there isn't a time I can remember when me and my teammates were not laughing with each other.

What is the best part about being a star in the WNBA? 
Being able to be put in a position where you can make a difference in the lives of people you never met.

Do you think other sports will yield professional leagues for women in the future?  If so, which ones, when and how? 
You know what I would love to see...women in the NFL?

Peachy Deegan went to the Big Apple Circus today and will be writing a review.  How did you become involved in the Big Apple Circus and how do you enjoy it? 
I was asked by the New York Liberty to make an appearance at the Circus. To my surprise I was actually the guest ringmaster for the day. I got to wear the fancy red coat and black top hat. I loved it, I felt like I was a kid all over again.

What or who has had the most influence on your pursuit of excellence? 
I have had the most influence on my pursuit of excellence. With a life always spent on the road you began to learn to rely on yourself so at the end of the day I have to feel comfortable with the decisions that I make on my own.

What are you proudest of and why? 
My personal growth. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles at a young age and I am proud to say that they did not defeat me.

What would you like to do professionally that you have not yet had the opportunity to do? 
My goal is to establish an organization for under privileged children to come to so that they can pursue their dreams despite what their living environment is.

What is your favorite place to be in Manhattan? 

What is your favorite shop in Manhattan? 
Brooklyn Industries in Chelsea

What is your favorite drink? 
It depends on my mood. It's either a glass of Champagne, Reisling, or a Kamikaze.

What is your favorite restaurant in Manhattan? 
Sofritos, you got to try the skirt steak.

What is your favorite Manhattan book? 
Hmm...can't say I have one.

What has been your best Manhattan athletic experience? 
Making it to the Eastern Conference Championship in 2008.

What is your favorite thing to do in Manhattan that you can do nowhere else? 
Go clubbing and then getting a full meal at 5 o'clock in the morning.

What has been your best Manhattan art or music experience? 
The Beyonce experience here at the Garden.

What do you think is most underrated and overrated here? 
Overrated Time Square. Underrated New York Liberty Basketball.

Other than Movers and Shakers of course, what is your favorite Whom You Know column and what do you like about it? 
Tasty Tidbits and Peachy's Picks!  I'm usually too tired to cook and I'm always looking for a new place in the city to get a good bite to eat.
In Movers and Shakers however, I liked Kym Hampton...I enjoyed her interview. I always had a lot of respect for Kym but reading her interview makes me appreciate her more because she is so down to earth.

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you? 
I am passionate and emotional, two things which some people might what not want to admit about themselves. However, I think it is what helps me stay grounded and selfless. I am also addicted to Rock Band ;)

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