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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Maggie Bags Recycled Seatbelt Small Tote Bag by The Ultimate Green Store!

Save the planet in style! Maggie bags give new life to the unwanted fabric by creating a beautiful line of sophisticated handbags.  
The Ultimate Green Store is the the shopping destination to find them at!
Earthy Peachy is a Stylish Peachy!

The worldwide demand for automobiles has left behind an abundance of surplus man-made materials. Each year millions of yards of seat belt webbing are rejected for the slightest color variation, making the strap useless to the auto maker. Maggie Bags diverts usable products from our landfills and saves the resources needed to make new materials! This is Cruising Peachy meets Earthy Peachy in a stylish fashion!  We love it in Lime-just perfect for spring- and it will fit everything you'll want to tote around with you in our city streets of Manhattan.  Unlike some other "Earthy" products, this truly is high quality and you will be proud to have it on your arm.  It is not at all bohemian or "crunchy" and we are sure it will make the runway if it has not yet already.

This tote is the smallest of the Maggie Bags tote series and wholly made from recycled seatbelts. The exterior of the bag features Maggie Bags’ patented diamond seatbelt weaving and logo emblem. The top of the bag has a zipper that closes shut and the inside contains a purple satin lining with a zippered pocket, cell phone pocket, pen pockets, and key pocket. The bottom of the bag has four nickel-plated feet to protect the fabric from wear.

Dimensions: H 10” x W 14” x D 5”
Colors: Black, Brown, Dark Tan, Light Tan, Grey, Dark Grey, Gray Two-Tone, and Tan Two-Tone.

Whom You Know highly recommends The Maggie Bag!  Order yours today: 

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