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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Only Thing Better than Having David Stanko Do Your Hair is Watching His DVD! Whom You Know Highly Recommends LifeStyle Coloring: Exploring the Or in Haircolor by David Stanko, Endorsed by Redken, Current Hair Artist of Peachy Deegan

The Only Thing Better than Having David Stanko Do Your Hair is Watching His DVD!  Whom You Know Highly Recommends LifeStyle Coloring: Exploring the Or in Haircolor by David Stanko.  The Lifestyle Coloring Concept is geared towards hairstylists, but we believe anyone interested in perfection in their own hair or entrepreneurs generally can greatly benefit from viewing this informative video that is just over 25 minutes.  David is a great speaker and the video is well-produced.

If you are an entrepreneur, you will gain insight into business development.  Diversity of clientele and depth of business are key to success in any discipline.  Call to Action and Planning for the future are also relevant for all businesses.  If you go into your hair appointments more personally informed, you will be able to communicate what you want and understand the language of haircolor more effectively.  Also, you will know if your colorist is doing your hair in a way recommended by David!  David Stanko was previously mentioned in Salon Peachy when he did Peachy Deegan's hair recently:

Lots of technical terms infiltrate LifeStyle coloring, and this is to your benefit.  Certainly this is ideal for colorists, whether you are in Manhattan or elsewhere.  We firmly believe Manhattan is the center of the hair world (as we do most worlds!), so there is something to learn for all colorists.  Of course, Redken products are used in this video, which we love.  The Shades EQ are implemented and we were pleased to hear there is a shade called Irish Creme.  We'll have to try that sometime, as long as it doesn't make Peachy's hair red.  

In the bulk of the presentation, Lifestyle Coloring Techniques are shown, from the Downtown Explorer to Midtown Management to Uptown Tailoring.  Customization is key, and you will also learn in this video what pasta and hair have in common...maybe in the next video David makes he'll do East side and West Side! 


Become a Lifestyle Colorist and Have Clients for Life With the New DVD from New York-based Colorist David Stanko 

“Lifestyle Coloring,” the first DVD from David Stanko, Haircolor Consultant for Redken and lead colorist at NYC’s Angelo David salon, explores the “or” in haircolor, going beyond expected techniques to business building and client keeping. 

Most colorists attract clients who are similar to them in age and lifestyle. It’s only natural. But by breaking out and becoming a Lifestyle Colorist, they can have a more diverse clientele and a continuous client flow for life. 

In “Lifestyle Coloring,” David Stanko shows how it’s done. Using New York City as a  backdrop, he explores the lifestyles every colorist should know, based on trendy “Downtown,” business-minded “Midtown” and sophisticated “Uptown” clients. Every colorist has potential clients who fall into these categories. The trick is to attract and satisfy them. How? 
In “Lifestyle Coloring,” colorists will learn how to:  
  • Attract clients from lifestyles other than their own, using their current client base
  • Use cultural insights in order to relate to different lifestyle segments
  • Develop a signature style, using David Stanko’s Pasta Method of highlighting
  • Customize color techniques and specific formulas that are lifestyle-tailored
  • Book and re-book, based on what different client groups prefer
 Why should any colorist’s career (or salon’s income) be dependent on the economic ups and downs of a single segment of the population? With David Stanko’s “Lifestyle Coloring” DVD, 20-year old trendsetters can learn to communicate with the uptown crowd, those who have been in business for decades will discover how tap the youth market and every colorist will master ways to attract the lucrative business client.  

The future of coloring is in being a Lifestyle Colorist, who customizes for individuals. Learn how with “Lifestyle Coloring.” It’ll help you grow your business—for life.  
“Lifestyle Coloring” Availability 

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