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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Salon Peachy: Star Redken Colorist David Stanko Brightens Up Peachy Deegan for the Summer with Classy Blonde Highlights While Key Emerging Talent Mariano Cuevas Gives Her a Trim

Did you see Peachy Deegan last night!  If you were among those that graciously complemented her on her new hair, all credit must go to Star Redken Colorist David R. Stanko!  We all want to be a little lighter and brighter for the summer to get that natural look of sunkissed hair, and David is quite the magician of color!  He was recommended to us by Redken, and you know we love love love LOVE Redken!  This is the 39th time we've mentioned them, not that we're counting!

Peachy's visit to David began when she entered 48 East 43rd Street's Second floor Angelo and David Salon, venue of creation for David and Mariano.  From the moment she walked in, Camila Pombo pleasantly greeted her and brought her good coffee in a cup and saucer, and Mariano Cuevas exuded California cheer, as we imagine he does everywhere he goes in Manhattan from the subway to ordering his egg and swiss sandwich in the mornings.  The salon itself is clean, white and well-lit with geometric track lighting from above.  You'll be completely delighted and comfortable.

Our David Stanko coloring experience began with a detailed consultation between Peachy and David.  As you know from previous Salon Peachy write-ups, one of Peachy's worst nightmares across the board is a bad dye job and to her, this means any red hair on Peachy.  David Stanko is truly interested in listening to what his clients want, who they are, what they want to be and most of all, he knows how to get them there and he executes!  We spoke about how we did not want Peachy to be a single process blonde and look like something out of Dynasty in the 1980's.  We wanted a customized experience including the considerations of how one wears their hair and who they portray.  Of course, Peachy wants to be the classic uptown girl.

Hair is dark to blonde on a scale basis of ten, where 1 is black and 10 is blonde.  Naturally, Peachy is a 4 but David brought her up to a 5 for summer and it is perfect!  We discussed possibly going lighter, however the caramel scared Peachy and in her risk-management red assessment she conservatively agreed to 5.  David is not one of those crazy colorists who thinks your head is his canvas in that you will be the recipient of what he thinks would look good alone; like we said, he does really listen and you come out looking as amazing as you wanted to on your terms, whether you are a downtown chic or an uptown girl.

This richer base gave Peachy's highlights a chance to pop!  Also, the few grays were promptly eliminated as well which is always key.   With Redken's EQ products coupled with David Stanko's expertise, the perfect color was completely achievable!  The highlights were foiled and Shades EQ was implemented, and David used freehand painting Balayage (French technique) which looks so natural.    The wonderful Redken All Soft Shampoo was the next step, followed by the Color Protect Shot which is a treatment to seal and protect haircolor, complete with antioxidants.

The whole Redken Chemistry experience is the best it gets in color.  Your hair will be transformed with the renovated, luxurious Redken Chemistry (formerly Chemistry System) – customized treatments utilizing advanced technology and salon professional expertise to meet clients’ specialized haircare needs. Redken Chemistry helps treat distressed hair as a result of chemical and/or mechanical processes.  Chemical distress is caused by the overuse of chemical services such as haircolor, perming, or straightening.  Mechanical distress is caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, thermal irons, and everyday brushing. Distressed hair results in dry, brittle, frizzy, damaged, weak, sensitized, faded, and/or dull hair.  None of us wants this, least of all, Peachy Deegan who is constantly on the hunt to find products to revitalize your hair in Product Alert.

Redken Chemistry: 2-Step In-Salon Service 
To prepare the hair for color services and to repair the hair from environmental or mechanical abuse, this Redken Chemistry treatment combines the Shot Phase, which offers intense care through highly concentrated ingredients acting in synergy with a pH rebalancing product, the Shot Phix.   

Shot Phase: Specialized ingredients that compensate for missing components in the hair.  Every shot contains a more concentrated dose of some of the nourishing ingredients that are found in the corresponding take-home Redken haircare regimes: 
For normal/dry hair
Apricot Oil: moisturizes and lightly conditions the outer cuticle to deliver shine and smoothness.
Glucosamine: lightweight moisturizer helps to restore and rebalance moisture.
Glycerin: retains moisture to keep moisture level balanced.

For distressed hair
Proteins: contains more protein than any other Extreme product. For internal strength.
For color-treated hair
Mineral Ion Blockers: prevents color oxidation and degradation.
Ceramide: helps reconstruct & strengthen hair condition.
UV Filter: protects hair against further damage by environmental aggressors.
ALL-SOFT (used on Peachy by David and Mariano)
For dry, brittle hair
Avocado Oil & Olive Oil: softens and gives hair silky suppleness.
Gold Camelina: delivers luminous shine to the surface of the hair.
For very dry/frizzy hair
Macadamia Oil: replenishes moisture and adds shine.
Candelilla Wax: delivers intense smoothing and conditioning.
Cationic Refiners: neutralizes negative charges for frizz control.

REAL CONTROL For dense, dry, sensitized hair
Shea Butter: provides smoothness and controls frizz.
Protein & Ceramide: helps to strengthen hair.

By blending two or more Shot Phase products in the shot shaker, stylists can create truly customize formulas for hair with multiple needs.  

Shot Phix: Acidic spray-on lotion formulated with Redken’s Interbond Conditioning System to help lock in the specialized ingredients contained in Shot Phase, rebalance the pH level of the hair, and seal the cuticle to leave hair in its most compact, healthy condition.  

All of these products combined with the expertise of the team involved left Peachy looking like a supermodel by the time she was finished.  Mariano gave her the perfect trim to complete the brilliant color.

The service exceeded our expectations.  As we were raving about the new Cherry Lush Tom Ford Private Blend Lipcolor that Peachy wore, the team even painted Peachy's nails to match and Mariana did a lovely job.  The outstanding lipcolor:

Not only is this winning duo excellent at their craft, but they are also fabulously pleasant to be around.  When you are sitting in a chair for a few hours with people that you have not met before and such positive verbiage ensues, you know you are in the right place!

To locate a salon featuring Redken Chemistry, please visit or call 1-800-REDKEN8. 

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