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Friday, June 4, 2010

Trefle Pur by Atelier Cologne is Among the Most Exquisite Scents of Summer in Manhattan

It's Friday in Manhattan, and although it's not even 10am surely you are all thinking of the weekend and all of its uplifting moments to be!  They will be even more uplifting with the wonderfully fragrant Trefle Pur by Atelier Cologne.  A scent that is light but powerful, Trefle Pur is the perfect unisex fragrance for the season.  It is fresh, complex and reminds us of how the grass looks with morning dew in heaven  (not that we have been there, but we are hoping.)  Spritzing it on is a joy to the senses and they have been awakened by this new amazing brand-new to us, anyway.  Atelier Cologne is a brand of distinction and its products are among the very best.  We try many new perfumes but this line is just outstanding.  What is it derived from? 

Atelier: A workshop or studio, specifically of an artist, artisan, or designer. A place for the execution of handcrafts or to practice arts and leisure; a place where an artist creates his body of art.
Cologne: The original eau de cologne was created three hundred years ago by an Italian perfumer established in Cologne, Germany. His fresh blend of citrus oils was inspired by the memory of his homeland. It offered a revolutionary alternative to the heavy scents of the times and inspired a new way to wear personal fragrance.

Atelier Cologne: Perfume house crafting colognes of character. The master perfumers of Atelier Cologne blend unexpected and rare extracts with signature fresh citruses to create Colognes Absoluesconcentrated formulas with distinctive and long-lasting sillage. The first collection depicts five moments, five characters: Orange Sanguine, Grand Néroli, Bois Blonds, Trèfle Pur and Oolang Infini.  Each scent captures treasured emotions and powerful memories.   We began with Orange Sanguine:

And we next tried the lovely Trefle Pur.  
Trèfle Pur, a landscape of vitality, surrounds violet leaves in green woods, freshly cut grass and dewy earth.

“He had a good feeling about it. That’s the thing about luck, you feel it or you don’t.  This moment, he felt it. He found the morning’s rain had left everything looking greener and a bit sharper, like he was seeing it all for the first time, and he headed off with a spring in his step.” 

Cologne Absolue concentrated at 18% 
Top notes: bitter orange, cardamon, basil
Heart notes: clover absoluteviolet leaves, Tunisian neroli
Base notes: patchouli moss, musk
$165 / 200ml

We all need a lot of luck, especially after the downward plunge on Wall Street over the past month, so this is a great gift to all the bankers in your life!  And Peachy Deegan, ever the Irish enthusiast, admittedly was first drawn to this bottle because of the green label.   Interestingly enough, it does smell a bit like the Irish Breeze on the Cliffs of Moher!  A fragrant burst of intoxicating energy, Trefle Pur is deserving of a spot in your collection of perfume.  We LOVE it!  And we highly recommend it.
Behind the Atelier

Living in both Paris and New York, two lovers of cologne share their passion for life, family and heritage and draw inspiration from singular moments. 


Available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus (all stores), and

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