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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hunter Dixon is Where It's At: The Latest in Fashion In Manhattan is what Peachy Deegan is Wearing, and You Can Get it at Saks! We highly recommend their Black Silk Cotton Satin Blazer-Perfect for Summer!

Clean sharp lines and outstanding workmanship dictate the excellence of this sharp blazer by Hunter Dixon, and nothing could be finer than to wear designs inspired by Carolina in Manhattan. Made in New York City of Silk Cotton Satin with pockets at the bottom front of each side, this is smart simplicity that goes from day to night with ease and great style.  Available in white, gray and black (we highly recommend you get all three), the Hunter Dixon blazer is an ABSOLUTE staple of perfection in your Manhattan wardrobe. If you have seen Peachy Deegan this week, she has been wearing it in black. 

Officially launched in 2009, HUNTER DIXON is a contemporary fashion line with feminine flair that is recognized for its whimsical and flirty designs. Co-founded by Southern Belles Hunter Bell and Jennifer Dixon, the New York-based company began with hard work and determination and has established itself as a rising talent in the fashion industry. Each collection is filled with bold colors, unique detailing and abstract prints. Consisting of sleek pants, structured dresses, tailored jackets and classic blouses, Hunter Dixon is a brand where sensible simplicity meets metropolitan style.

This perfect marriage was formed three years ago when Hunter Bell and Jennifer Dixon shared an apartment in New York City with dreams of creating their own fashion label. Bell wanted to be a designer; Dixon, an entrepreneur. They partnered, dispensed with any romantic rags-to-riches notions and approached things pragmatically. Bell took a day job at a hedge fund while whipping up a collection on the side, and Dixon pounded the pavement, securing a few retailers and pitching potential investors. In October 2009, their hard work finally paid off. Through Bell’s day job, Hunter Dixon was soon set up with venture capitalist John Pound, President of Boston’s Integrity Brands Inc., who agreed to invest in the emerging line.

With Hunter as the designer and Jennifer behind business development, the South and North Carolina native pair sought to establish themselves with a collection that represented urban sophistication with a nod to Dixie elegance. The duo explains, "Southern women are bound by their unique heritage of grace and lady-like charm. Our collection combines bright colors and ruffles with modern shapes and styles. There is a juxtaposition of color play and softness which reflects our Carolina roots, with black and geometric draping inspired by our lives in New York.” 

Recognizing how essential and versatile blouses can be to a women’s wardrobe, Hunter Dixon will be launching their “Blouse Program” in fall 2010. This collection will consist of the line’s signature silk blouses and will initially be offered in eight classic styles and color ways. The program will continue to evolve each season with the addition of exclusive colors and prints.
Continuing to grow its position in the contemporary marketplace, Hunter Dixon has plans to unveil e-commerce on in July 2010. Hunter and Jennifer’s alluring charm and passion for success has made this brand irresistibly unique and impossible to ignore. The Hunter Dixon collection is presently available in nearly 100 boutiques worldwide (London, Kuwait, Singapore) and is launching at SAKS Fifth Avenue in the United States this spring.  Peachy has been to Saks and loves the collection: you will find many pieces that you'll love!  We highly recommend the blazer by Hunter Dixon, and it is enjoyed most exquisitely when you are wearing it with a Star Vodka cocktail in your hand.

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