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Friday, July 23, 2010

Aromachology Highly Recommended by Whom You Know. They Read Peachy's Mind and Came Up with the Perfect Bespoke Fragrance! Available in Manhattan at Henri Bendel, The Canadians Have Got It Right, Eh?!

New Niche Custom Fragrance Line, Aromachology, Adds New Spin to Make Scents and Science of Personal Blending 

Introducing a new art which blends perfume and personality into one customized aromatic experience!!!

How much fun do you think it would be to answer some questions, and magically, a perfume is created just for you?  It is very fun, according to Peachy Deegan.  In the previous 768 Product Alert posts, there is only one occurrence of a custom perfume being made for Peachy, but she had to leave her computer for that and do a bit of smelling work...with Aromachology, they just read her mind.  Peachy is amazed!
Now to be fair, this could have been a disaster if they did not read her mind accurately and very few can peg her, but they were spot on on knowing what Peachy would like and this is quite uncommon.  It is why Aromachology has earned the 769th spot in Product Alert.  Answering the questions online was a breeze and a pleasure, and the olfactory connection is so on target.  

By now you must be wondering what Aromachology is...Aromachology: The Psychology of Scent!  Their Perfume Bar, which can be found at Henri Bendel in Manhattan, blends custom fragrances all fresh, on-the-spot and tailors each blend to embody the personality and spirit of its owner. They also offer people the opportunity to create their own scent online at, and at their studio space in Toronto.

The science behind Aromachology is sending shockwaves through the beauty community by resuscitating new life back into the stale and over-blockbuster-saturated fragrance market with its unique aromatic and systematic process of connecting with the consumer. 

Aromachology is the first of its kind to offer custom fine fragrance on a mass level, blended and sold at point of purchase. Meant to reconnect consumers and revolutionize the artistic and scientific experience of creating, enjoying and wearing perfume, the brand is centered on a process that is substantiated by the science of Aromachology.  Fueled by the need to help each customer express individual tastes and personalities by crafting an original fragrance, each formula is conditioned to the likes of its creator.   

The 1,2,3 quick and easy process begins with the consumer completing a 10 question ‘Scent Profile’ that places them into one of five different and distinct personality groupings. Each ‘personality’ comes armed with a specific character profile that communicates the differences between the five groupings and what it means to be a Sophisticated & Sensual Floral, a Totally Edible Gourmand, an Exotic Spicy Oriental, a Clean & Fresh or a Bold & Brisk Woodsy. The third and final step is choosing three out of 15 different notes to ‘top off’ your one-of-a-kind creation. Notes have been aligned with different attributes that Aromatherapy studies have proven to stimulate. 

Whether you top your fragrance off with words such as passionate, sexy, sensual, focused, open minded or creative, Aromachology gives you the opportunity to create a product that helps convey your identity proudly and aromatically.  

One of the co-founders, Ashlee Firsten, whose background is in Chemical Engineering, believes that the brand’s innovative process is what sets it apart. 

“Rather than just playing on the art of perfume, we’ve managed to combine the art with the science to modernize and revive a market that has fallen flat. Consumers want to be the creators, and as they should, they are taking the reigns in developing something meant to embody who they are, and how they want to be perceived in this world.” 

They've blended custom scents for lots of different and distinct personalities, a few of their celebrity clients include the Jonas Brothers, Sherri Shepherd and Molly Sims to name a few.  Aromachology did launch their permanent space at Henri Bendel in New York on Monday, March 22. Aromachology private label is also available at Exhale Spa’s New York locations.  

The thoughtful, personal touch of the product is also a great gift idea. Whether it be blending that someone special their own custom scent or gifting them with the empty bottle to have them personally experience blending their own scent, Aromachology is an original and unique process to gift someone with or oneself.  Whom You Know Highly Recommends Aromachology!  And Peachy Deegan is especially excited about this being a Canadian company; if you read Whom You Know carefully you know she lives for the sport of hockey.

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