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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top Teeth: Do You Put Off Getting Your Teeth Cleaned? You Would Not If You Went to Cosmopolitan Dental!!! Peachy Deegan loves going to get her teeth cleaned - Go Visit Dr. Garo Nazarian today!

Do you not love going to the dentist?  Then perhaps you are not going to the right dentist!  Peachy Deegan thinks going to the dentist is fun, Fun, FUN! because she goes to Cosmopolitan Dental.  Life is too short not to go to the right dentist. Peachy Deegan has known Garo, who started Cosmopolitan Dental, for well over a decade.  If a big cheerful fishtank that is the size of the lobby complete with a flat screen tv in the waiting room, and Helen there to greet you with a smile doesn't get you excited to keep your pearly whites perfect, we don't know what would.  Better yet, by the time you get into the dentist's chair you basically have a spa experience because it is a fabulous massaging chair!  What could be more fun than getting a back massage during a dental procedure?  In all seriousness, however, you should go to Cosmopolitan Dental because Dr. Garo Nazarian is one smart cookie that really cares about teeth, is really excellent at what he does, and Peachy's friend that is a doctor that she has known even longer than Garo (20 years) even goes there and tells other doctors to go there too.  Peachy told the world all about Cosmopolitan Dental and Garo even before Whom You Know.  She was his second patient, after his sister.  How do you think he wound up as our very first Mover and Shaker!?

We review many different disciplines on Whom You Know, and we consider anything that is related to your health to be the most important.  (Along with the right champange...which Peachy is convinced does have vitamins in it.)  And of our health concerns, keeping her smile as perfect as can be is at the top of Peachy's list.  She went to the same dentist her whole life in her hometown (and her whole family went there too and started going a generation before her), and since leaving that hometown, she has never gone to any other dentist for longer than a year or two, honestly because she didn't like them.  Ever since Garo finished Columbia Dental School, Peachy has gone to him for her teeth.  Yesterday she got her teeth cleaned, like she does every six months like you should, and it was another day of fun at Cosmopolitan Dental!  Xrays began the day and you will all be pleased to hear Peachy has no cavities so she can eat the rest of the fabulous Ben and Jerry's we have to tell you about with vigor, and then her teeth were cleaned like they always are: perfectly.  Garo is totally meticulous about cleaning teeth and every other procedure we have seen him do.  Nothing goes beyond his astute detection.  Cosmopolitan Dental cares about aesthetics and everything is impeccably clean everywhere there.  Also, beautifully framed pictures are on the wall, an ipod docking station sits next to the chair and Garo will play music (usually Garo has the Beatles and Peachy picks it), and candles are lit for ambiance.  This is no ordinary place: they focus on extraordinary.  And it is no wonder either, because Garo also was taught Ever to Excel at Boston College-he and Peachy are in the same class.  Whom You Know Highly Recommends Cosmopolitan Dental and Dr. Garo Nazarian for all of your dental pursuits!

We hope all of you reading Whom You Know take care of your teeth, and if you are in Manhattan, pay a visit to Dr. Garo Nazarian of Cosmopolitan Dental!  He is also author of Top Teeth, our column on all dental topics, a panelist, and is excited to meet you.  Here he is:
Yesterday's visit was even more fun filming that clip!  

The only way that going to the dentist could be more fun is if champagne was served in the waiting room...but that is probably against the law.  

Here is the start of Top Teeth:

And here is Garo as our First Mover and Shaker:

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