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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

See Manhattan On Your Feet: Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Isola Emerald in Black for Women! Peachy's Pair Has Not Only Seen the Ground of Manhattan, but Also the Airspace with Liberty Jet and the Water with World Yacht!

Now that we've surpassed 70 posts in See Manhattan on Your Feet, it's time to step it up and we are pleased to do that with our inaugural coverage of a new favorite brand of Peachy Deegan's: Isola.  Pure quality, this is a brand that is new to us!  Isolá is a luxe collection of elegant, distinctive footwear for the modern woman. Inspired by the finest things in life with intricate details, lavish materials and sumptuous comfort, Isolá’s refined artistry and impeccable styling are perfectly suited to the discerning woman who knows that exquisite doesn’t have to mean extravagant.  This sounds like our philosophy!  So, in testing the Emerald model in black, Peachy not only wore them in Manhattan on the ground, but she also wore them in the airspace on Liberty Jet and in the water with World Yacht!  The Emerald by Isola has gone places, and the height it gives Peachy makes her appear to be tall!!!  In any outfit....

This black patent leather pump exudes elegance on the foot of any woman, and immediately adds class and polish to any style-whether you are in a cocktail dress or jeans and a blazer.  Unlike other heels that pay no heed to safety (and this is especially important when you are on a slippery floor when someone has just spilled champagne) the Emerald by Isola has cute little treads on the bottom of the front of the shoe, and this provides great traction.  There is a little mirrored golden surface on the inside of the back of the heel that is highlighted on both the right and left of the shoe in a thin gold line and this stunning feature sets it apart from frumpy pumps.  No, this is not a frumpy pump at all although it is a classic look; this says Madison Avenue to a T. It is also available in Merlot and Taupe Grey.  Smart and Beautiful!  

Isola Comfort Features:

A firm layer of impact latex and a layer of cushioning foam combine to deliver exceptional comfort.
Offered in Grade A buff leather with TPU inserts, or comprised entirely of TPU, our outsoles are crafted for superior quality.
TPU (thermoplastic urethane) The highest quality material available:
Outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance.
Allows for greater flexibility, even at very low temperatures.
Resistance to elements such as oil, mold and extreme heat.
Rates amongst the highest for shock absorption.
Sourced from Italy, the breathable linings provide a comfortable environment throughout the day.
Genuine leather footbeds provide a natural, supple surface for the foot.

Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Emerald by Isola!  Peachy Deegan can't take them off her feet.

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