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Friday, October 22, 2010

NIGHTLIGHT: Dinner at Swifty's October 21, 2010: Where the Fabulous in the City Dined after The International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show!!! SWIFTY'S: THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN!!!!

Does a day go by when we don't mention Swifty's?  It's hard to remember that kind of day.  What's not hard to remember is how much fun Swifty's is and how each dining experience is an exquisite composition of the best cuisine around, the most fabulous crowd in existence, and if you're lucky as Peachy Deegan, the most fun dining partner in crime ever, 
Blaine Caravaggi.
That's her there!
Even Chris thinks she's a hot sketch!
It is not an uncommon phrase for Peachy to exclaim: 
"Oh I'm going to Swifty's to have dinner with Blaine!" and once someone thought she was talking about Blaine Trump.  We don't know Blaine Trump but we do know no one can trump the outstanding time we have hanging out with OUR Blaine.  Peachy Deegan likes the idea that she can return to Swifty's so she generally behaves, but it is a known fact that Blaine and Peachy could potentially have the most enthused table there in decibel terms.
Not only is the company and the crowd top notch, but you of course go to a restaurant for the cuisine.  And it doesn't get any better than Mover and Shaker Stephen Attoe as a Chef.  
Here Stephen is as a Mover and Shaker:
If you want to be friends with Stephen, bring him gin he loves it.
We want to bring Stephen as our Chef on our next Liberty Jet flight and we said so in the review:
Peachy Deegan loves the pan sauteed Rainbow Trout accompanied by almonds and green lentils.  She was so excited about it she forgot to take a picture so you will have to go to Swifty's and order it yourself.  After a lovely green salad which is always fresh and delightful at Swifty's and the fish dish to die for, Peachy had chocolate molten cake and it was better than anything else in life, if you know what we're getting at...
Peachy and Blaine drank a 2007 Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc from the Napa Valley and it was nicely balanced with a perfect finish. Of course the crowd is great, the food is the best, and we kind of like Swifty's since we mention it in every other sentence, but we must say they now also have the most fashionable waiters and waitresses in town who are sporting a fashion we hope to feature soon by a designer uberclose in proximity to Swifty's.
Today's post is celebrated with the belief that pictures are worth a thousand words.  And it is not only Blaine and Peachy who love Swifty's.  The crowd just adores the place and the regulars have been going there for years, and if you combine it with the years of Mortimer's we imagine we could say decades, although Peachy's not that old and never had the chance to go to Mortimer's.   We would mention all their names like we do when we cover an event, but you know who they are by looking at the pictures.  Plus, we totally respect their privacy.  They were at Swifty's to have their dinner just like Peachy.  And maybe to Move and Shake a bit because this is THE PLACE where the Movers and Shakers go, 
BEFORE we had that column.  
BEFORE Whom You Know started.

So, we know you've heard the thousand words before, so you will now see the pictures. But now you see we're not kidding about how popular it is.  There was not an empty table to be found until they closed.  Peachy had a table because she sat at Blaine's!  It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW.  Make sure you make a reservation prior to your Swifty's dining experience.
Our formal review:
Our recent write-up:
The 7th Annual Fete de Swifty:
 Even Mayor Bloomberg is seriously enthused:
 And here we are getting excited last May about them serving Greyledge Farm:
Before Swifty's, Peachy Deegan was at the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show at the Armory where we saw our friend Libby Fitzgerald of Greyledge Farm; everyone who's anyone was at Swifty's afterwards.  And they hate to leave just as much as Peachy although they may not be writing about it the next day.  The receiving line at the door, if you have not seen it before, resembles one at a wedding, graduation, or other major celebration in the lives of people who don't have the last name Attoe or Caravaggi, but everyone that comes in feels like they're visiting Blaine, Pat, Robert and Stephen so they hug and kiss their hosts goodbye and it is a ritual!  Every day is a celebration at Swifty's.  Take a look:
This is the kind of dessert we dream about: Chocolate Souffle for eight:
....and now it's time for some chocolate cake for Blaine!
There is no better NIGHTLIGHT ever than dinner at Swifty's and now you see why.
It is most fun of all when you are the last person to leave that is not working there...we wonder who that was last night. 
 Photography by Peachy Deegan 
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Sunglasses by Modo for Jennifer Creel Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman:

Hair by Rodney Cutler: 

Jewelry worn by Peachy inheirited, earned at school, and by American Estate Jewelry and BB Jewels of Gramercy:

Makeup by Clinique and Clarins: 

Lipstick by Tom Ford:

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