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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Salon Peachy: Kelsy Osterman Once Again Proves Why Her Magic Hairdryer & Brilliant Round Boar Hair Brushes Give You the Best Hair Anywhere! Rodney Cutler is our Favorite and there is No One Better than the Cutler Staff!

If you are standing in the intersection of 5th and 57th under the biggest chandelier in the world, the snowflake, and want to look like a million bucks, you could go to Tiffany's or BVLGARI and get some jewelry-and we work with both of those brands and think they're great.  You could also go shopping at the other two corners of Bergdorf Goodman (which has Jennifer Creel's sunglasses which we wear and love) or LV.  However, the BEST way to look like a million bucks from that intersection is to hightail it west towards sixth avenue until you get to #47, second floor.
For your holiday hair, Cutler is where it's at!!!!  
We told you Kelsy Osterman was great in November:
So there was only one person to go to in December!
Above is the amazing Kelsy on the left and Peachy Deegan on the right, AFTER Kelsy did her hair.  Not only is Kelsy great at doing hair as you can see from the photos, but also she is a sparking personality that will regale you with Minnesota tales and she loves hockey too so what more could you ask for?  Her sectioning off hair is masterful and the artful twirls that take place around your head with brushes, clips and strokes of her magic blowdryer will leave you looking like a magazine cover.  And it is such an important time of year to look amazing: Santa is good to those of us with fabulous hair!
And that's Mover and Shaker Rodney Cutler with Peachy!  He has the most talented staff in the world.  We  have never seen such depth anywhere else and their editorial credentials are amazing: we don't know of any one salon that does as many high-end fashion shows and photo shoots than this one and that is because they are the best.   Peachy wakes up on days looking like this-days that she is sleeping in a chair sitting upright at 47 West 57th Street.  Note you can buy Cutler products on Shop with Peachy:
Not only is Rodney the world's best hairstylist but he also just ran 250 miles in a week in Africa-we're going to tell you about that soon too; he just showed us incredible photos today from it!  Previously he was an Australian footballer so he is an athlete.
And the world is so small: it's not who you know it's Whom You Know - Jason Grant we have convinced Rodney Cutler to go to Swifty's to drink you know what: please send us a picture of both of you drinking The Peachy Deegan to ring in the New Year!

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