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Thursday, December 23, 2010

See Manhattan On Your Feet with Our Newest Friend Named Anna-No, Not Wintour this Time, Anna Baiguera!!!! Amo Le Scarpe Italiane!!!!

Well, since we've interviewed her twice, up until this point we'd say Anna Wintour is our favorite Anna: (Go to Whom You Know video to see the video.)  However, Anna Baiguera is giving her some serious competition with these ballet flats that are the softest shoes we've ever seen and worn, and of course these beauties are made in Italy. Let's say Anna Wintour is our favorite English Anna and Anna Baiguera is our favorite Italian Anna.  Peachy Deegan has not been able to take these off since they arrived and she is in love with this pair!  She really is seeing them in Manhattan on her feet and stood like a flamingo to take this picture!  Amo Le Scarpe Italiane!!!
You know we love love love Italian shoes and think that the recent events surrounding them were phenomenal:

Anna Baiguera has always been a “ballerina” shoe passionate.  Over the years this passion has lead her to create a collection of ballerinas. Coming in every form, color and material they are crafted in the highest possible artisanal quality, made of soft lambskin and leather soles.  They come in 12 colors that range from the most classic to the brightest ones proper for the spring/ summer season, and they even come with a shoehorn and cleaning cloth.  We've heard everyone in the ballet world talking about that new movie black something or other-but these are what they should be talking about: Ballet Flats by Anna Baiguera!  Peachy has not studied ballet since she was in grade school but she might pick it up again since these shoes are so inspirational!  Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Pink Ballet Flat by Anna Baiguera.  Ask Santa for them tomorrow!

  • High quality lambskin and leather soles, all from Italy.
  • Vegetable tanned with tannin, a natural substance (which is the origin of the name of the process) in chestnut bark.  This eco-friendly process   causes the skins to become more flexible, softer and breathable.
  • The special fiber Texon is used for the innersole to guarantee breathing.
  • Grosgrain top-line and silk drawstring match the color of the shoe for consistency, homogeneity.
AB’s ballerinas are specifically made, following traditional, artisan shoe   making methods, combining highly skilled techniques with attention to detail.
The grosgrain top-line is applied with a special machine that guarantees to secure the foot in a most comfortable way.

Her website is so fun you can draw on it with the lipstick!

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