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Thursday, January 6, 2011

LORAC Box Office Hit Highly Recommended by the Gorgeous Women of Whom You Know!

The LORAC Box Office Hit, an ULTA Exclusive and Limited Edition face palette is perfect for any glamazon on-the-go.  It has everything you need to create a natural look for day and sexy, smoky party looks for night.  The palette contains 12 eye shadows, 2 eye liners, a blush, bronzer and 8 lip colors.  $35 with a $210 value.  The gorgeous women of Whom You Know put this to the test, and they say:

Housed in a sleek-looking, wine-colored croc case, the LORAC Box Office Hit Full Face Palette isn't just a box office hit - it's a hit in my beauty regimen, as well!  In fact, I'd venture to say that it's a hit for any gal who enjoys her makeup and likes to keep things simple!  This beautiful, limited-edition palette features 12 eyeshadows, 8 lip colors, 2 eyeliners, a blush, a bronzer, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Just kidding - but only about the partridge!  The rest of it is all true, and one of the best parts about it is that it's packaged so beautifully, in a light, easy-to-travel-with case.  The colors are easy to mix and match and several of the eyeshadows and lip colors have a great sparkle factor - perfect for this time of year!  There's also a nice-sized mirror included, which makes application on the go a cinch.  Not that I ever do my makeup on the subway or anything!  I was pleasantly surprised with how easily the makeup glided on, and also with how long it lasted!  Also, the selection of colors is terrific.  The eye shadows are mostly neutrals, but there are also some more festive colors like a rich plum, a sparkly lavender, and a deep teal mixed in. The lip colors are varying shades of pink, brown, and reddish-brown, which, when combined with the eye colors, supply endless possibilities for combinations!  The LORAC Box Office Hit Full Face Palette is a surefire winner as a gift - whether it's to someone else or yourself!!

The Box Office make-up kit by Lorac is really all you need. There are eyeshadows (12 colors) , eyeliners (black and brown), blushes (a pink and a brown), and lipstick (8 colors) all in one simple, sleek, purple case.  I found the kit a little too big to carry in my handbag, but it is perfect for your gym bag. The wide variety of colors provide many choices for the style of make-up you would like to apply. I am one of those girls who doesn't leave the house without some make-up on. There are some neutral colors you can use to subtly dress up your eyes and there are also some deep grays which are perfect for the smokey eye. I also have oily eyelids and powder eyeshadows tend to crease. These Lorac shadows did not crease at all and at the end of the day they were still on my lid. There are also a variety of lipstick colors ranging from a pale beige to a deep red. Everyone can find the perfect color for any occasion. The best part of this kit is the mirror! It is big enough so it is actually useful! I highly recommend this kit to anyone who likes to have all of their make-up in one place and it is especially great for those of us who tend to make themselves up at the gym. Lorac's Box Office Make-up kit is fantastic. 

I am a make-up lover and Lorac is always at the top of my list!  This Lorac product, "Box Office Hit Full Face Palette" would make the perfect gift (or the perfect treat for yourself, for that matter).  What I love most about this palette is the convenience of having eight glosses, twelve eye shadows, two eyeliners, two blushes and a mirror all in one chic case!  This palette fit easily into my everyday bag and into my everyday routine.  The color range of all the products in this palette is fantastic...whether cools, warms or neutrals suit you best, they are all there.  This palette also makes it very easy to go from a daytime look to an evening look.  The glosses are light and not at all sticky or goopy, they slide on easily and stay put.  The eye shadows are really lovely.  As with the glosses, they go on easily and don't fade.  The shadows have a beautiful, subtle shimmer which can be made more dramatic for evening by simply adding another layer or a darker shade.  The liners are smooth and easy to apply and the two blush choices are great and again have subtle shimmer.  This "Box Office Hit Full Face Palette" really lives up to it's name...I would even dare say it deserves an Oscar!

Lorac Box Office Hit Palette has so many colors to choose from I just don't know where to start! There is a mixture of 12 matte and shimmery glosses, 2 eyeliners, a blush and bronzer, plus 8 amazing glosses. Lorac's makeup quality will blow you out of the water. I love keeping this palette at my office. I can touch up during the day or change my look for an evening gathering. The packaging is great, I can say you never have to worry that it will pop open. Not too big or small, just the perfect size so it doesn't get in the way. This is a great quality product, that is high end, colors last for hours and it all comes in an amazing package that is stylish and trendy!  This makeup is great for day and night. It also is take with you on the go - being a minimalist is my goal and trust me this package helps!

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