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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Terrific Takeout: Meltemi Mediterranean Grill

Is there a more perfect form of being than a crabcake?  We don't think so and these from Meltemi had a nice crisp crust and were lovely.  Joined by some cucumbers that set them off well visually as well as in terms of flavor, this is an appetizer we'd say to try.

The caesar salad was delightfully fresh and they listened and put the dressing on the side.  They even put the cheese on the side which was quite thoughtful.  This salad lasted about zero point five seconds as Peachy just loved the casual simplicity of doing something simple in an extraordinary way.  The homemade dressing was one of the best we've ever had, and Peachy is pretty picky when it comes to salad dressing and almost never uses it but LOVED this one.
Nick the manager hit a home run when he suggested we order the Branzino, which is among the very best we've ever had.  The charcoal grilled Filet of Branzino was absolutely delicious and was a total classic, like wearing a string of pearls.  We did not find one bone in ours - they did an excellent job on the filet.  A generous piece, the Branzino was easy to cut and just melted in our mouth with healthy flavor.  Flaky and delightful, this dish alone should have you pick up your phone banging down the door at Meltemi, before everyone in Manhattan orders it for dinner tonight and they are out.  The rice was nicely flavored and no ordinary rice.

Fabulous Greek cookies completed this excellent meal:

Whom You Know recommends Meltemi for Terrific Takeout!
1481 York Avenue
212 327 0950

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