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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whom You Know Celebrates Our 100th Post in See Manhattan On Your Feet with the Gianine by Cordani! Sometimes the Best of Manhattan is from Beacon Hill!

If you read Whom You Know closely, you know that Peachy Deegan moved to New York from guess what!  Before she was seeing Manhattan on her feet, she was seeing Chestnut Hill on her feet and there were a LOT of stairs and hills there....and seeing the Back Bay on her feet after graduation.  Before Madison Avenue, there was Newbury Street.  Originally based in Beacon Hill, Cordani has moved out to Wakefield (15 minutes North of Boston) to a bigger office space and warehouse.  They recently opened a flagship store in Portland, Oregon; their brand does particularly well in the Pacific Northwest.  The Cordani brand is best known for combining comfort and "street-wise" fashion.  Peachy wants comfort that still looks good - and Cordani styles are designed for everyday wear.
About 30% of their product is still made in Italy, which is where their footwear roots are.....

Presenting the the Gianine:
- suede upper
- leather-lined for breathability
- "rocker bottom" with curved undersole propels you forward as you walk
- built-in arch support provides extra support
- padded insole allows you to be on your feet all day
- Velcro straps and snaps provide a secure fit

Peachy has worn these all over the place in Manhattan, and on the last serious night out on the town where she and a Mover and Shaker hit about 20 places, no kidding, this is what was on her feet for the night and they felt fine at the end at 3am!  They stood up to the most rigorous walking and impressed everyone they hit on.  We love the strappy style that securely snaps and velcros in the back and love that you can't even is built into the engineering.  The velcro showing would be a huge fashion faux pas-can you imagine velcro in the front like sneakers in the 80's?  Horrors!  It is smartly hidden here though and keeps these securely on your feet in style, and we love it.  Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Gianine by Cordani!  

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