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Monday, April 25, 2011

Crisp Cleaners: Hallak Can Handle Black and White and Get It Right-Hallak Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

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Do you think Peachy Deegan showed up at The National Arts Club to celebrate 100 years of WWD in a dress that was not clean and pressed?  No way!  Especially when she was going to see two of her beloved classmates from Miss Porter's where of course you are taught to sip tea properly and wear the right dress...just kidding!  It is assumed you know that and you're not taught; however, you ARE taught the difference between who and whom and much more-academically.  It goes without saying that you should go around looking the part of a highly-educated individual, and that means wearing something that just left the services of Hallak.

So, before the amazing soiree, Peachy sent her Diane Von Furstenberg black and white wrap dress to Hallak.  They even got the awful red wine stain out of the white portion so they get high accolades for that...Hallak saves the day!  Joseph Hallak, Senior, a native of Marseilles, France established Hallak Cleaners in 1966 with a singular pursuit of quality and service. His sons John-Claude & Joseph, Jr. and his wife Marie-Louise carry on that vision.  No ordinary dry cleaner...Whom You Know Highly Recommends Hallak for dresses with more than one color, especially with red wine stains!

The premise was – and continues to be - spare no expense in providing the finest fabric care possible. By recruiting outstanding individuals at every level of the organization, they set the standard for technical expertise paired with world-class customer service. Over the years Hallak Cleaners has been repeatedly recognized by major print and mass media outlet in the Metropolitan – as well as throughout the world - for its tireless dedication to excellence.

From its humble beginnings in a 2000 sq. ft. space on Second Avenue, the operation has grown to occupy 15000 sq. ft. of production, retail and office space. In 2010 the production facility underwent a complete redesign along with the introduction of highly sophisticated garment tracking and handling technologies. The efforts resulted in Hallak Cleaners winning the National Grand Prize in the 50th Annual Plant Design Competition of 2011, by American Drycleaner magazine. 

In June 2007, they became the first licensed GreenEarth® Cleaner in Manhattan and have garnered numerous awards for environmental awareness – both from the industry and government regulatory agencies. In 2008, after an intense review process they were awarded four Green Leaves by The Green Cleaners Council, naming us a Certified Green Cleaner. They also hold the “Certified Environmental Drycleaner” certification from The Dry-cleaning & Laundry Institute and continue to explore every avenue of the “Reduce, Re-use & Recycle” paradigm in their commitment to environmental stewardship – and are consistent “early-adopters” of new technologies as they become available.

In addition to Peachy Deegan, Hallak clients include the most prestigious boutiques and designers in the world – as well as leading museums. While they are too classy to divulge private client names – many of the most visible and influential names in the world of fashion, entertainment and business rely on Hallak Cleaners to maintain their exquisite wardrobes – and their privacy.

In addition to general dry cleaning and laundry, they offer the following specialty services:

Care of Complex Couture Fashions
Wedding Gown Restoration & Preservation
Platinum Shirt Service
Fine Bed Linens (Pratesi, Frette, LeRon etc)
Heirloom & Contemporary Table Linens
Draperies, Curtains & Interior Furnishings
Wall-to-Wall, Area Rugs & Orientals
Seasonal Fur & Box Storage
Smoke, Water, Mold & Pest Remediation
Restoration of Vintage & Collectibles
Suede & Leather Cleaning & Repair
Designer Handbag Cleaning & Repair
Silk Ties & Scarves

Hallak Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery throughout Manhattan, Bergen & Westchester counties, and Greenwich, CT. In addition, they service clients nationally through a mail order cleaning service, called “Courier Couture”. 

Hallak Cleaners – in partnership with their friends at Margaret’s Cleaners in Southern California  – they operate “The Couture Cleaner” based in Las Vegas which, in addition to serving the local community and fashion retailers of LV, serves as the National Repair Service for several major high-end designer labels.

For more information, please contact John-Claude Hallak or visit

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