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Monday, April 18, 2011

Peachy Picks Kings' Carriage House

Kings' Carriage House was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:

Restaurateur Paul Farrell, above, and his wife Elizabeth King-hence the name Kings' Carriage House-run a world-class restaurant on 82nd street just off of second avenue, and we firmly believe it is truly one of the best kept secrets in Manhattan.  We are thrilled to add it to Peachy's Picks.  The unbelievably superior cuisine, the undeniable Irish charm, and the beauty of every aspect of the presentation of both the food and the atmosphere are just tops.  Sixteen years going strong, Kings' Carriage House exudes class and style that is only found at a small number of places in Manhattan...Peachy can count them on one hand.  You can tell that Paul truly enjoys what he does and the warm atmosphere is reflective of the joy that they have in entertaining their guests-we are almost always treated extremely well no matter where we review (they know we are coming!) but we can really tell the places that have a genuine feeling of pride and happiness in their occupation from those that are nice because it is their job.
Brooke Astor even had her 99th birthday party here.  Remember our book review on her:  The only thing missing was Colin Farrell, however, our waiter Raff assumed his name!  You know Paul and Colin grew up about 100 yards away from each other in Dublin, and their dads have the same name.  And, our only regret is that we did not feature this gem sooner because they hit this one out of the park.  Colin, you don't know what you are missing!  
The moment you step inside, you'll feel like you are at the very best country inn in the rolling hills of Ireland, and you really cannot beat that if you ask Peachy Deegan.  Paul greeted us with sparking Prosecco which was a sharp contrast of upbeat pleasure to the horrid torrential rains outside, but still even that added to the Irish atmosphere!  If you attended Miss Porter's School like Peachy and this panelist, you will feel like this is a building that absolutely would fit in on campus.  It is exquisitely beautiful while being comfortable concurrently.
The night began with some lovely starters of Irish Salmon Mousse and Goat Cheese, and we sipped on a 2007 Cote du Rhone by Alexandre Loiseau.
You know who felt like she was one with the Irish Salmon Mousse so she tried it as an appetizer on Toasted Brioche, and Radish Butter and Purple Potato Salad joined the party.   We have never seen purple potato salad before, and we can't wait to see it again.  Just remember who had the original idea-Paul and Elizabeth!  So smart, but again what do you expect from someone that is Irish!!!
Peachy ordered the Grilled Prime Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Chimichurri Sauce with wilted watercress and Yukon Gold Potato strings.  It was just as good if not better than some of the top steakhouses we have reviewed and every delectable morsel melted in her mouth.  And she must say this was the most beautiful ketchup presentation we've ever seen:
And of course for Peachy the night was not properly complete without the Dark Belgian Chocolate Ganache Torte with White Chocolate Pecan Bark and Espresso Sauce:
Everything was flawless and this was one of the best dinner reviews we've ever done, irrespective of the Irish accent, though it was lovely.  If you have not been to Kings' Carriage House it is absolutely incredible, and in particular is the best romantic spot around.  Peachy wants to pick it up and move it further away from the church that it's near-as there are laws against serving hard liquor too close to a church, and if it were further away then you could drink her there....she loves this place!  But don't listen to just Peachy....our panelist also raves:

Truly, it was a dark and stormy night, but that was outside. Inside the Kings' Carriage House was a warm and inviting evening of great food, wonderful conversation and an atmosphere of affection and gentility that lead me to believe I was not in New York City, but far off in the hills of Ireland.
I like the idea of not being rushed through dinner.  Our evening was more of an exploration that unfolded throughout. Starting with a lovely prosecco greeting at the front door where we checked our dripping, cold garments then fell into the easy tempo of a delicious evening.
There was a big table of friends celebrating under the watchful eye of the Deer in one room; a joy filled celebration for Nonna in the Hunt Room, and lots of hushed, romantic conversations surrounding  us on the second level - where, from my repose, I could watch the wind beat the rain against the windows and feel complete comfort and relaxation - like I was staying at the nearby inn and had stumbled into a neighbor's home for dinner. Only this neighbor can cook. 
I tasted the candied pecans and poached pear in my Kings' Carriage Chopped Salad. It's been on the menu from the start and I see why. The roquefort vinaigrette arouses all the flavors and yet, allows them to stand alone. 
My Grilled Breast of Duck with Tamarind Glaze appeared over braised spinach and sweet potato hash. All these years on earth and I've just met sweet potato hash, oh what I've missed. The portion of duck was so pleasing that it allowed a take home treat that was equally good. The Warm Plum Brumble with Irish Oatmeal Crust, and Bourbon Caramel Sauce reminded me of the dream I hold dear where I wake up on Sunday morning in a four poster bed with Irish lace linens and am served a warmed treat with a big pot of coffee. I was transported instantly to that fantasy. Unfortunately, I had to trudge home in a seasonal downpour which almost floated my duck a second time.
My take away from the Kings’ Carriage House (along with my second helping of duck) was a wonderfully relaxing evening where I enjoyed the company of friends in a very relaxed and easy environment. My conversation was mine and not shared with the room or shouted over the music.
I was never rushed or pushed. I fell into their rhythm…and I loved it!

Peachy Picks Kings' Carriage House!
Irish eyes and stomachs are smiling!!!!

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