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Monday, June 20, 2011

Borghese Crema Ristorativo-24 Continuous Hydration Moisturizer Highly Recommended by Whom You Know

Do you feel like it just never ends?  Hopefully not so much on a Monday, but in any case, even if you feel like a gerbil going around a wheel, we don't want your skin to look that way!  We have found a moisturizer that lasts as long as you do.  Crema Ristorativo-24 Continuous Hydration Moisturizer boasts 24 hours of continual hydration and is the ultimate indulgence for skin that looks gorgeous and glowing, smooth and sensational and it is by Borghese.  Infused with two patented ingredients & powerful marine extracts, this light-weight, gel-cream formula combats dryness while protecting skin against environmental stressors.  Skin feels velvety soft and supple with youthful-looking radiance-no one will be able to guess your age accurately!

Formulated with:
         Sodium Hyaluronate to help preserve the most important characteristics of healthy youthful skin such as suppleness, elasticity and tone
         Botanical Moisturizing Agent derived from sub tropical plant, Imperata Cylindrica, hydrates and moisturizes for up to 24 hours
         Exclusive BioNymph Peptides to help decrease the production of free radicals (sign of premature aging) and aid in the
synthesis of new collagen
         Corallina Officinalis Extract (Coral Seaweed Algae Extract) & Golden Seaweed Lipidic Extract to help balance bio-minerals and to help compensate for skin deficits and to help improve skin’s firmness, smoothness & moisturization
         Natural Vitamin E with its antioxidant and moisturizing properties to help skin glow
         Moisturizing Marsh Samphire Extract which acts on multiple fronts against cutaneous dryness.  It helps boast skin hydration for a redensifying and hydra-restructuring effect, leading to more supple and smooth skin
         Acqua di Vita® Complex to hydrate and energize skin
         Channelled Wrack Extract to help reduce wrinkles and improve skin moisturization, tone and firmness

Price: $69.00

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