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Monday, November 28, 2011


You want a safe, reliable, durable and quite frankly badass looking flashlight, look no further that Tektite’s new Trek Pro. This new state of the art LED flashlight is small but packs a powerful punch. I can only compare it to the new xenon headlights you see on the new BMW’s and Lexus, it’s bright and meticulous lighting. All black with a thin comfortable handle makes this easy to store in your car, nightstand, purse or fanny pack. Easily turn on and off with a twist of the head, the lighting and quality is spectacular. With 1,000 feet in depth rating, watertight and a battery life of 20+ hours this product is a must have no-brainer for every safety conscious person out there. You never know when you will need one. I take my new Trek Pro on night walks with my dog so oncoming traffic is alert to my presence and it works like a charm. Check it out folks, this product is very cool.

The Trek Pro Flashlight by Tektite is probably one of the best flashlights I have ever used. It uses the latest cutting edge technology to deliver an extremely powerful beam of light. It achieves this through a CREE high-power LED emitter. This type of bulb offers over 10,000 hours of lamp life, and because of its low power consumption, the three AA batteries will have a life of over 20 hours of use. This incredible flashlight produces very bright and concentrated light at a power of 150 lumens. It is one of the brightest flashlights I have ever seen. In addition to all of this, it can even be used underwater, and it has a depth rating of 1,000 feet! The design of the flashlight makes it extremely durable as well, so you will never have to worry about it breaking. It is constructed from ABS and Lexan, which are the same materials used in making bulletproof glass! I am so happy to have the Trek Pro Flashlight, and I will keep it at my bedside every night from now on!

Emergencies! That is the first thing I think about when seeing the Tektite Pro flashlight. I would recommend this light to everyone. It is perfect for that emergency flashlight kept in your nightstand. The light is extremely easy to use and a powerful light. Living in the northeast with storms leading to power outages, the Tektite Pro flashlight is a must for each bedroom. The Tektite Light can also be extremely useful for that outdoor camping trip. Two thumbs up for the Tektite Pro Flashlight in my book!

I have decided to make a concerted effort to buy items only made in America hoping to save someones job and keep my money in the USA. I was in the market to purchase a replacement for my ancient four D battery flashlight that probably weighs over two pounds and has been rolling around the floor of my car for years. I found a perfect replacement. the Trek Pro made by Tektite Industries, Inc. of New Jersey, my mother's home state. The Trek Pro weighs about four ounces and is under eight inches long, but packs quite a wallop. This handy unit uses three AA Alkaline batteries to power a high-powered LED emitter that throws a beam of 150 Lumens quite a distance, far more powerful than my old flashlight. The Trek Pro has double o-rings making it watertight and has a 1,000 foot depth rating. The case is made of extremely durable ABS and Lexan and the neatest thing about the design is the six sided portion of the case, so when you lay it down it will not roll, it stays put. A simple twist of the lens housing counter-clockwise turns on the 10,000 hour lamp life LED, a twist in the opposite direction turns it off, no switches to fail or corrode. Another great thing about LEDs, they draw such little power, the Trek Pro can stay on for 20 hours, my oldie butgoodie could never come close to that. Just think of how much money you can save with this great flashlight. The Trek Pro sits nicely in my center console, so I know exactly where it is at all times. Check out the Trek Pro at and see their full line of great products. Possibly, a couple of my best friends might be receiving one of these flashlights from Jolly Old Saint Nick himself. Be careful Rudolph, you may be replaced by an LED!


Tektite continues to demonstrate its role as the leader in U.S.-made LED flashlight technology with the introduction of its latest flashlight… the TREK™ Pro. 

Building on the international & military success of it’s Trek™ 4 AA flashlight, the new model used the latest available CREE® high-power LED emitter 

“Focusing on value, the TREK™ Pro offers the lowest cost of ownership when you factor in the 92.6% reduction in operating costs compared to traditional AA-size flashlights,” said Scott Mele, Tektite President, and designer. “You can quickly see the value of the TREK™ Pro when you consider that average professional users spend upwards of $277 per year to keep their incandescent lights running.” 

In addition to being at the leading edge of technology and value, the TREK™ Pro has many standard features that make it one of the most rugged flashlights in the world. 

q 1,000 Feet Depth Rating: double O-ring seals make this light watertight 

q Specialized narrow beam optics. 

q Durable: constructed from ABS and Lexan®—the same material used to make bulletproof glass 

q Reliable: 10,000+ hour lamp life and 20+ hours of battery life 

q Vibration & Shock Resistant: LEDs have no filaments to break 

q Shockproof: ABS body engineered for demanding environments 


About Tektite: 

Tektite Industries, Inc., headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, is one of the leading LED flashlight manufacturers in the world. Tektite manufactures specialty flashlights, strobes and signaling lights serving customers who demand the most rugged products in the Outdoor, Industrial, Government and Military markets since 1990. 

Tektite’s lights are Made in the USA and feature components of space age polymers, computer-designed reflectors, HIGH-TEK™ lamps and other features that make Tektite® lighting products the only choice when quality, reliability and performance are needed. 

Tektite® is a registered trademark of Tektite Industries, Inc. More information is available by calling Tektite at (609) 656-0600 or visiting our website at

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