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Monday, February 6, 2012

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH MATTRESS SAFE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY WHOM YOU KNOW Eliminate Bed Bug Hiding Spots with Mattress Encasements by Mattress Safe® We Highly Recommend the Sofcover Collection by Mattress Safe® - Made in America.

There are many fabulous aspects of Manhattan, however, bedbugs are not one of them. Peachy has never seen one, and she'd like to keep it that way. Introducing Mattress Safe!!! We love them, and we particularly love t
he Sofcover Collection by Mattress Safe® - Made in America. 


Proudly supporting our nation’s economy, 90% of Mattress Safe's® product selection is made right here in America. Our Sofcover® Collection is not only our premier product selection, but our US manufacturing plant allows us to create unique and custom designs. Mattress encasements and protectors made with Mattress Safe's premier product selection, the Sofcover® collection, are made in USA. 

The Sofcover® Collection features an Innovative soft and luxurious stretch knit Fabric, carefully selected to be designed for comfort and easy care, while providing durability and protection for all applications. 


Joined to our unique light weight barrier, the Sofcover® fabric provides Waterproof protection against spills and fluids. 

Fire Retardant
Tested by the National Fire Protection Agency and Passing the Cigarette Burn Test - CFR Title 16 Part 1632 (FF4 - 72). The Fire retardant barrier has been carefully added and does not come in contact with the body. 

In addition to its waterproof and fire retardant qualities, The Sofcover® fabric has been tested by board certified entomologists and certified for protection against bed bugs and dust mites. In entomologist testing, live bed bugs were used to ensure that data is 100% accurate. You can sleep safe and sound knowing that bed bugs cannot bite through the laminated fabric of our mattress protectors and pillow encasements. 

Prevents Initial Infestation In Mattress and Box Springs 
By applying our mattress protectors and box spring encasements before any signs of bed bug infestation, you will minimize the available areas for nesting as well as provide the means for an easy detection of bed bugs. 70% of bed bugs harbor in the mattress, headboard, and infrastructure of the box spring. If there is an infestation, our encasement eliminates the opportunity for bed bugs to find a home in the mattress or box spring. (Bed Bug Hiding Spots) Link 

Stops the Spreading of Bed Bugs 
When trapped inside our encasement, bed bugs and hatchlings are subjected to starvation and prevented from escaping and multiplying throughout the room. 

Mattress Safe's ® Patented "zipper with the Hook" 
Unique and built directly into our Mattress Safe® products, the "Zipper with the Hook" ensures the proper resistance sealing your items against bed bugs and dust mites. U.S. Patent #7,849,543 
The zipper and hook combination prevent further infestation, and quarantines infected items from spreading pests. In addition, in the area not seen, we have sewn the tunnel off at the zipper end-stop to ensure that mature bed bugs, nor their instars, can escape from or penetrate into the encasement. 

When our Sofcover® fabric was tested for dust mite allergen transference, the amount of allergen passed through the fabric was considered to be too small to measure. 

Going Green 
As a pest management application, Mattress Safe® encasements and mattress protectors eliminate the use of chemicals to entrap and kill bed bugs in an infested mattress. While many bed bug sprays claim to be safe, why take the risk of sleeping in contact with potentially harmful chemicals. 

In a home or apartment, the top hiding places for bed bugs are the mattress, box spring, and bed frame. With mattress and box spring encasements from Mattress Safe®, the primary hiding spots of bed bugs can be eliminated. Add Mattress Safe's® FurnitureSafe™ Encasements to cover the couch and loveseat and effectively eliminate 90% of all bed bug hiding spots. 

As the pandemic problem of bed bugs resurges into the minds and homes of Americans, many find themselves wondering how to combat these elusive pests. Encasements from Mattress Safe® provide both a method of controlling bed bug infestations as well as proactive, preventative measures against these pests. 

Bed bugs spend most of their time hiding, preferring undisturbed areas. You are more likely to notice the “tell tale signs” of bed bugs rather than see the actual live bed bugs themselves, and this is especially so in the early stages of an infestation. 

The top hiding places for bed bugs are the mattress, box spring, and bed frame, with roughly 70% of bed bugs found harboring in these areas. Mattress Safe's® "Superior" & "Ultimate" mattress encasements effectively quarantine an infested mattress. Bed bugs trapped inside a Mattress Safe® encasement are prevented from escaping with their patented "Zipper with the Hook", and subjected to starvation. With Mattress Safe's® Box Spring Encasement added to the mix, consumers suffering with bed bugs can ease their mind over the high cost of replacing their bedding investment. 

Chairs, sofas, and couches account for an additional 20% of bed bug hiding spots. Mattress Safe's® FurnitureSafe™ encasements eliminate these hiding spots. Much like the Mattress and Box spring encasements, Mattress Safe's® FurnitureSafe™ encasements also protect and recover furniture during a bed bug problem. 

As a preventative measure, Mattress Safe® mattress, box spring, and furniture encasements eliminate the opportunity for bed bugs to provide themselves a home. Even without bed bugs, the waterproof, fire retardant, allergen resistant fabric of Mattress Safe® encasements can extend the life of your mattress and box spring, while providing early detection & prevention of bed bug infestations. 

To learn more about bed bug behavior and hiding spots, visit, an informational resource on bed bugs. offers a list of tips on how to inspect for bed bugs and detailed information on how to rid your home of these pests . 

For more information about Mattress Safe’s® mattress and furniture encasements , please visit or call 1.888.405.5335.

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