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Monday, February 6, 2012


At first sight I thought this was just a very cool looking t-shirt. Tough yet sexy looking. Definitely a vintage design but not old and dirty. However I did a little research to find out that this Don't Tread On Me American Brand t-shirt actually stems from American History. Now I am really intrigued. The snake (which is the symbol of this brand) was used throughout American history to describe The British when we were fighting for freedom from England. Ben Franklin symbolically used this symbol many times and it is documented in many newspapers. So I proudly am wearing my grey long-sleeved t-shirt, which clings to my body perfectly. The cotton is super soft and the emblem is not scratchy. Clearly made in the USA. I totally look bad-ass in this shirt and it is more then just a look, it is tribute to our heritage. 

I love having cool, comfortable clothes to wear when I hang out with friends on my days off from work. Now I own a really fashionable shirt to wear on those days thanks to the Don't Tread On Me company! It's made in the USA and it is so soft and comfortable! The Don't Tread On Me clothing brand symbolizes personal freedom and the pursuit of the American Dream. Their designs are based on vintage American symbols with influences from American history, rock 'n roll music and motorcycle culture. They make clothes for men, women and children and also make cool decals that you can stick to anything. Their products truly embody the American spirit! I will continue to wear their products proudly.

We just love our new shirt from Don't Tread On Me! Made in the USA, this 100% ring spun cotton shirt is super soft. The vintage hand printed water base design symbolizes the personal freedom America is all about. We just love vintage Americana designs. The long sleeve shirt is perfectly fitted and looks great with jeans and boots. These shirts are top quality and wash nicely too. Don't Tread On Me also offers clothing for Men and Children in a wide array of styles. Why not support an American company and get your fashion fix at the same time. Whether you are looking for a fashion edge, or just a comfortable well made shirt, Don't Tread On Me is perfect for you!

When I saw the DTOM TShirts had been delivered, I was so excited. I've seen them on one of my favorite music groups, and knew I wanted one. I also love supporting companies that make their products in the USA. When I wore this shirt out, I had so many people compliment it and want to know where I found it. When I went to their website to see what other products were available, I found many things I wanted to order. I couldn't believe how awesome everything was. I can't wait to order more. I'm even going to order some as gifts.

Wearing a Don’t Tread on Me tee shirt expresses one’s rebel side.  
A Don’t Tread on Me tee shirt is a work of art with attitude. The fitted body style and distressed screen prints are frequently worn by rock stars. The logo signifies personal freedom. It also shows a restlessness and refusal not to allow anyone to tread on one’s personal space. The shirts are American made, which is consistent with the logo. In fact Don’t Tread on Me was a war cry of the American Revolution against the British. It is fun to wear a tee shirt that says so much!

100% Ring Spun Cotton
Hand Printed Water Based Design
Printed Inside Label
Vintage Fitted Body Style
Color: Stone Gray
Authentic Don't Tread On Me Womens T-shirt 

Don't Tread On Me Brand was started in 2004 by Luke and Tim Bauer in Oceanside, California. It is a premium Men’s and Women’s brand that focuses on nostalgic Americana with an iconoclastic attitude. 

The phrase “Don’t tread on me!” was originally a war cry during the American revolutionary war. 

Benjamin Franklin even recommended the symbol of America to be a rattlesnake instead of the bald eagle since the rattlesnake was a creature that was fair in its warning but deadly in it's strike. Franklin considered it a more than perfect symbol of America’s rebellion during England's oppressive reign. 

Today, the brand's rebel spirit is being kept alive by vintage inspired artwork, slim-fit body styles, and distressed, water-based screen prints. All Don't Tread On Me clothing is proudly made in America. 

Don't Tread On Me Brand draws its influences from American history, rock & roll music, and counter-culture motorcycle clubs. It is the embodiment of someone who takes the world on their terms and doesn't let anybody walk all over them. 

Don't Tread On Me has been sold at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lucky Brand Stores, and Lisa Kline Men's in Beverly Hills, as well as various boutiques across the nation and online at 

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