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Monday, February 13, 2012


As you know, Liztech was one of the 20 we told you to watch:
Not only are we telling you to watch it, but wear it now!  To be precise, we like the Athena Cuff bracelet in GREEN of course.  We like the classy versatility-it can be dressed up or down and is the right size-not too dainty and not too bulky.  It is not only new to us, it is new to the world and remember where you heard it first!  Liztech Jewelry announces the launch of their new Athena Cuff Bracelet Line, a unique series of bracelets done by artist and creator Jill Elizabeth.  Jill Elizabeth, owner of Liztech Jewelry started making these creations 28 years ago.  Inspired by her discovery of a mirrored building material she started this intriguing line of jewelry. Jill has always had a passion for vintage glass stones and their incredible craftsmanship. The two very different materials are joined together to build an exceptional jewelry company that is contemporary with a vintage flair. 

All Liztech Jewelry is all handmade in her artist studio in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. All of the bracelets are made using mirrored chrome, vintage glass stones from the 1930’s-1960’s and is hand wire wrapped, beaded and embellished with glass beads and Swarovski crystal! The bracelets are all fully adjustable to fit most. The Athena cuff looks great paired with the artist’s five other bracelet designs in twenty seven color combinations. The Athena Cuff bracelet features vintage shield shaped glass stones that represent the Goddess Athena. She is the Goddess of Wisdom as well as artisans. Athena is the one you need when challenging situations require clear thinking. Who wouldn't need one of these? 

To see the complete Liztech line of Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Pins please visit our website at or visit our artist studio in the Pocono Mountains at 95 Crystal Street, East Stroudsburg PA 18301

 More about Jill:
When Jill Elizabeth set out for Girl Scout camp she had no idea she would bring home a lifelong obsession. Introduced to jewelry making techniques and especially copper enamel, she was so engrossed with the process that on the last day of camp, while other girls waited anxiously for their parents to take them home, Jill’s parents had to hunt for their absent daughter and eventually found her in the arts and crafts tent, getting in as much time as she could with the copper enamel.   Later as an adult, Jill worked to develop her skills with other jewelry artists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Albuquerque, New Mexico and Carmel, California. 

Since 1985 when a sample of high tech laminate caught Jill’s eye, she’s been creating positive images out of thoroughly modern materials. Her work has evolved from the simply whimsical to the inspiring and spiritual imagery that it is today. The jewelry is a modern interpretation of ancient themes that we all know; these images have parallel meaning in all cultures in life, and Jill’s work is a modern representation. 

Liztech Jewelry is handmade from mirrored chrome, brightly colored wire, crystal and glass beads, vintage stones, enameled pieces and whatever else crosses Jill’s path. The reflective material used in the jewelry is Mirrored Chrome, an architectural laminate used as a mirror substitute. It is amazingly light; it won’t shatter or tarnish and cleans up beautifully. Today the Liztech collection consists of over 200 designs of pins, earrings, tacks, necklaces and bracelets with an endless color assortment. 

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