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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DAYLIGHT: Whom You Know's Most Favorite Computer Brand in the World, Lenovo, Hosts a Smashing Reception at the Waldorf Astoria Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They hit the nail on the head because if there is something we are known for, it is DOING.
Peachy Deegan obviously does not sit still for long (well, unless she is at a dinner review perhaps or watching the New York Rangers kill it in the Stanley Cup playoffs...)
So, Peachy Deegan proceeded to follow the arrow to The Vanderbilt Room at the lovely Waldorf Astoria to visit our friends at Lenovo.  We were absolutely thrilled because we are in love with every laptop we have ever tested by them and there have been quite a few you have read about since we started working with them in September 2009.  This brand is the best-kept secret in technology that we keep enlightening you about! All we can say is that we are so excited to see all their latest and greatest products that we literally signed away that we would not tell you about yet, but you can be certain to see them featured in upcoming posts in Gotham Gadgets.  You see Peachy all the time so we are now turning it over to Ashley Perry, Lenovo Ambassador:
On the left is Aimee Foskie, Sr. Product Reviews Analyst, and James Baussman
Lee Highsmith, Customer Ambassador, and Aimee Foskie
 Robert Eckard, Product Manager

Whom You Know was pleased to meet:
Aimee Foskie
Ashley Perry
Lee Highsmith
Brittany Bass
Robert Eckard
Emmanuel D. Kisamo
Edward Lemar
James Baussmann
Cindy Warren
Raymond Gorman
Suzanne McCaffrey
Shantanu Kedar
Sam Bhavnani, Esteemed Boston College graduate Class of 1998!
Nick Rottler
David Watters
Robb Henshaw
Paul Sebastien
Brian Choi
Geoff Glave

...and it was lovely to see our friend Peter Sideris at Peacock Alley, a Peachy's Pick!

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